2 Seconds vs 2 Hours Makeup Challenge !

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Azzyland - 2 Seconds vs 2 Hours Makeup Challenge ! These are the craziest seconds vs hours makeup challenge tiktoks I have ever seen. Let me know what you think in the comments!
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
Why don't I look like this after 2 hours?! I'm 4 hours in and still in potato mode
Trudy 13 päeva tagasi
Thea Helene
Thea Helene 25 päeva tagasi
01:14 sounds like hate from me, but I mean this. The actual best way to get your voice back is to not talk for at least 3 whole days. And if it doesn’t work, then go to a doctor.
Ema Dushi
Ema Dushi 25 päeva tagasi
Phoebe Frost
Phoebe Frost 29 päeva tagasi
isidro sarinana
isidro sarinana 29 päeva tagasi
Itd ok
Ashaylia Sanders
Ashaylia Sanders 2 päeva tagasi
who else notices that the people on 2 sacinds 2 hours changed after every transition... SCAM!!!!!!
Beep Boop Bop
Beep Boop Bop 3 päeva tagasi
Spoon full of honey
Sophie_love disney
Sophie_love disney 3 päeva tagasi
Try a tsp of honey every day and milk with honey
Alexia Adjikou
Alexia Adjikou 3 päeva tagasi
I have lost my voice ones
Isabella Petreyko
Isabella Petreyko 3 päeva tagasi
Drink tea that helps your throat
Klarenc Maloku
Klarenc Maloku 3 päeva tagasi
Do you now demon slayer :o
Tiffni The Labrodor Retrver
Tiffni The Labrodor Retrver 4 päeva tagasi
Drink honey with hot water or just hot water every day, before brushing in the day. I am 💯 shore that this will work.
Tiffni The Labrodor Retrver
Tiffni The Labrodor Retrver 4 päeva tagasi
I have a tip and it worked on me
Kelly Everett
Kelly Everett 4 päeva tagasi
Mix salt and water Drink Spit out Rinse mouth
Esther Cho
Esther Cho 4 päeva tagasi
Hot water is good or Lemon water is good too
Sarah Kewan
Sarah Kewan 4 päeva tagasi
I know it’s a late reaction but it helps to heat up some milk and add some honey☺️
Middi Moo
Middi Moo 5 päeva tagasi
u can gargle salt water or drink greenies with lemon and honey xx I hope this works❤️
Efewell1 Ef
Efewell1 Ef 5 päeva tagasi
to get your voice back is to drink alot of water and talk less then you will see a change!
melodivestival 5 päeva tagasi
Um is it just me or why does the background looks like a Mongolian ger?? I'm loving her voice
Lillie 5 päeva tagasi
Eat pineapple 🍍 more for your voice
Bryana Kelly
Bryana Kelly 5 päeva tagasi
I loose my voice a lot, clearing your throat constantly helps. Also: DRINK WATER!!!! Not only does this keep you hydrated but it also helps heal your voice without all of the medicines and chemicals (most of which don't really work.) I hope you get your voice back soon!
Trudy Arthur
Trudy Arthur 5 päeva tagasi
Drink A lot of water
IamNotMe 5 päeva tagasi
drink hot water with a little bit of salt every morning
Roisin Smith
Roisin Smith 6 päeva tagasi
2:08 Its Bam Girl Bee Bam :D
Gianna Guerrero
Gianna Guerrero 6 päeva tagasi
Drink some warm tea
qween kitty
qween kitty 7 päeva tagasi
to help with the lost voce I think I can help. try sitting in a foggy room. I think it will help
Varona JD
Varona JD 7 päeva tagasi
I don't care if she sounds different all I care about is her.
isela leon
isela leon 7 päeva tagasi
Not trying to rude but she kinda sounds like Jessie/Debbie Ryan
The Armchair Drummer
The Armchair Drummer 7 päeva tagasi
honey and lemon tea it helps queen
George Ottey
George Ottey 7 päeva tagasi
use worm milk and honey
Purple tint
Purple tint 7 päeva tagasi
You’re poor voice
Kyle Ruth Najito
Kyle Ruth Najito 8 päeva tagasi
Here's tips don't drink cold water 💧 Only normal water try and boil water not that hot hot water that u can handle and put in it mouth after that put salt in the hot water mix and drink it will help ur stomach and throat cuz if there's something stuck inside ur lungs it will melt tip number 2 drink some medicine like for lungs number 3 eat healthy Number 4 ilysm azzy hope u see this
Suvi Sudhakar
Suvi Sudhakar 8 päeva tagasi
Oh ok
Suvi Sudhakar
Suvi Sudhakar 8 päeva tagasi
You Sound like Janet or kate
Zaynah Kausar
Zaynah Kausar 8 päeva tagasi
tip to help your voice and soothe your throat: squeeze a lemon into some hot water (add as much lemon as you would like) then add as much honey you would like to the lemon and water and that should soothe your throat! hope it helps! :)
Enkhchimeg Dulamsuren
Enkhchimeg Dulamsuren 8 päeva tagasi
Where are you hha your behind wall are the mongolian homes wall hha 😂😂??💕💖💗
Your Med Guy
Your Med Guy 8 päeva tagasi
As a youtuber I always woke up with enthusiasm but after watching my analytics it feels to me just quit it. Really the saddest part of being a small youtuber
Hanna .k
Hanna .k 9 päeva tagasi
Uh you should drink like warm fuit tea with honey and a lemon slice onc a day that is what i did when i lost my vose
lili kanev
lili kanev 9 päeva tagasi
One tip to getting your voice back is drinking hot tea, and soothing it or rubbing your finger down your throat. I hope you get better soon Azzy!
Angela Arnephy
Angela Arnephy 9 päeva tagasi
L love your videos so if you can make a new video of makeup hacks
Ben Var
Ben Var 10 päeva tagasi
And maybe you can breathe in then hold your breath for 20 seconds then breath out or in strong
Ben Var
Ben Var 10 päeva tagasi
Woah our voice azzy
Kayla Playz
Kayla Playz 10 päeva tagasi
MeMini .T.
MeMini .T. 10 päeva tagasi
Azzy I have a tip! Skip making videos for one day and don’t talk a lot! We can handle it, Love you❤️
Yaretzy Fuentes-Moguel
Yaretzy Fuentes-Moguel 10 päeva tagasi
My throat hurts from the morning from the night-
HeY tHeRe BuStEr
HeY tHeRe BuStEr 10 päeva tagasi
I have never lost my voice wow she is so brave to even make videos! Oh yah i think this will help just dont try to talk for like one hr so it heal
Access Denied
Access Denied 11 päeva tagasi
You sick?
Lizzie Lemon
Lizzie Lemon 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy: What can i do to earn my voice back? Me: *sHe nEedS soMe miLk*
Juju Lucas
Juju Lucas 11 päeva tagasi
Go to the doctors
Ainsley Burrell
Ainsley Burrell 11 päeva tagasi
I use hot chai tea with sugar, cinnamon, and milk
LittleTreeFrogMom 11 päeva tagasi
I hope you get your voice back
mstrn38 11 päeva tagasi
Try drinking tea it helps your voice heal.😊
Mike Padilla
Mike Padilla 11 päeva tagasi
Omg I’m a big fan!!!, srry abt my name my real name is called evie!
Catalaya Jackson
Catalaya Jackson 11 päeva tagasi
You have to drinkNot water it will help your voice go away come back I love you auntie I love you I’ve got your name right now because I’m only like eight years old because I love you so much I will see you when I was like three because I was three years old I was three years old and still watching you because you’re so very funny funny I like you my
XBlack_Gacha_QueenX 11 päeva tagasi
I actually had a butterfly clip on!!!
Annie Silrus
Annie Silrus 11 päeva tagasi
You sound like jojo
Sofia Becerra
Sofia Becerra 11 päeva tagasi
Hi azzy I love. Your vids and to get your voice back you drink green tea and eat a spoon of honey
Megan Lewis
Megan Lewis 11 päeva tagasi
The Kellys
The Kellys 12 päeva tagasi
Aussie land and need to hold your breath for you can’t breathe
DeeAnna Lane
DeeAnna Lane 12 päeva tagasi
her voice tho
Emily and Danica
Emily and Danica 12 päeva tagasi
I love that she’s so caring about her fans that she makes daily content with a sore throat (I don’t think she know that she can take a break and we totally respect that)
MadMarie’s Madness
MadMarie’s Madness 12 päeva tagasi
Just try drinking a lot of water ly azzy
Sophia Nova Guerra
Sophia Nova Guerra 12 päeva tagasi
1 question NOT A HAter I SUBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um in the thumnail that girl had 2 hours to do makeup and the other had 2 secs why do you look SURPRISeED. AGAIN NOT I HAATER I SUBBED
Animegirl 12 päeva tagasi
Her voice sounds different if your sick I hope you feel better
Eugenie Rosenthal
Eugenie Rosenthal 12 päeva tagasi
if you drink hot water with lemon it helps
zoey metz
zoey metz 12 päeva tagasi
have you used halls
Sofia Mahmud
Sofia Mahmud 12 päeva tagasi
you shold miss 3 weeks and we will hope your voice comes back
Eri 00
Eri 00 12 päeva tagasi
I appreciate you still doing videos even though it hurts to talk. And how did you lose your voice?
Felicia Barrow
Felicia Barrow 12 päeva tagasi
Try drinking hot water it will help calm your throat down!
ashlyn's vlogs
ashlyn's vlogs 12 päeva tagasi
you could try to drink hot tea or hot water
Karina Beltran
Karina Beltran 13 päeva tagasi
Om clear ur throat um drink water take reat as a doc? Idk
Ghorba Mahmoud
Ghorba Mahmoud 13 päeva tagasi
And also girl I have I lost most of my voice to
Ghorba Mahmoud
Ghorba Mahmoud 13 päeva tagasi
You da queen girl you still make videos when you're sick💗💗💗👸👸👸👸👑👑👑👑
HCBJ 13 päeva tagasi
Drink hot water more Don't eat more sweet things or cool things Give rest to your mouth
Bailey Pilarski
Bailey Pilarski 13 päeva tagasi
Ohhh that's why you sound weird
ToXXiC_ DaZZa 13 päeva tagasi
Guys lets appreciate the fact she lost her voice and is still making amazing videos Azzy your a Queen and you should know that
Zirui Zhu
Zirui Zhu 13 päeva tagasi
Beatrice Fowler
Beatrice Fowler 13 päeva tagasi
Omg that was Abby roberts I love her tiktoks she’s such a good creator 🥰🤗☺️
Marizel Rivera
Marizel Rivera 13 päeva tagasi
Drink something very sour i think it will help with ur voice
Sundus Khalid Mowlid
Sundus Khalid Mowlid 13 päeva tagasi
I love you voice it so pretty
Ember Vinette
Ember Vinette 13 päeva tagasi
I like that she said there are so many butterfly ones but shes wearing a butter fly dress of some sort lol
megantorii 13 päeva tagasi
eat a spoon of honey it will help your voice i love your vids
Quinty 2008
Quinty 2008 13 päeva tagasi
Azzy: 2:44 Me: it looks like the Blue ceramic clogs from the Netherlands
CASSIDY NATTER 13 päeva tagasi
Ethan Porcas
Ethan Porcas 13 päeva tagasi
Have some lemon water for a week and it should go away
James Seeby
James Seeby 14 päeva tagasi
Emm ice cream
Pippa Scott
Pippa Scott 14 päeva tagasi
A way to help get your voice back is by drinking hot lemon and honey
Taylor Foley-Gehring
Taylor Foley-Gehring 14 päeva tagasi
8:56 You dont do that with your hai Azzy ^^ thats a wig, (mainly used for cosplay or makeup looks like that) and the makeup is facepaint haha
Niko-San •w•
Niko-San •w• 14 päeva tagasi
Wait are you in Mongolia:c
Madi_boba 14 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched your videos in a while and your voice sounds BERRRRYYY different 😀
Luz Hernandez
Luz Hernandez 14 päeva tagasi
She sounds better with a lost voice but I dont want her voice to hurt
Luis Valbuena
Luis Valbuena 14 päeva tagasi
Is it me or is Azzy voice like cracking
Xsapphire SophieX
Xsapphire SophieX 14 päeva tagasi
I can't be the only one who thinks the guy at 8:54 looked like rupal
Rebecca Mcgraw
Rebecca Mcgraw 14 päeva tagasi
Abigail Marquez
Abigail Marquez 14 päeva tagasi
Hot tea and a lot of honey
beauty Arevalo
beauty Arevalo 14 päeva tagasi
Few drink Orange juice try to do that era last and make One minute
Fidget Lovers
Fidget Lovers 14 päeva tagasi
You should make water salt and a tiny tiny bit of a baking soda and you should do gurgling with the water
ynoa girl
ynoa girl 14 päeva tagasi
drink tea with honey and lime or lemon but for me,lime works best:)
Laney Bercier
Laney Bercier 14 päeva tagasi
The one u said termed into zach efron's that's sebastian bails..
Jaclyn Hamilton
Jaclyn Hamilton 14 päeva tagasi
Not me being totally dehydrated and drinks water every butterfly
Nerd Girl
Nerd Girl 14 päeva tagasi
Can we also appreciate how not only shes sick and recording and also she normalized someones disabilities which I loved! And that she normalized boys wearing makeup! I love her!
jazzy lowe2011
jazzy lowe2011 14 päeva tagasi
i know how to get ur voce back eut kimchi and drink water by bigest fannnn and ull get it back if i didnt work thin its going to be wernd it works all the time
Bluewiz TMG
Bluewiz TMG 14 päeva tagasi
When the blue butterfly 🦋 came I was like omg Azzy ur outfit is a blue butterfly 🦋
•••Ziara's Creations•••
•••Ziara's Creations••• 14 päeva tagasi
Instead of drinking water every time there's a butterfly thing we should drink water every time she says a pun lol
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