Craziest KARENS Caught On Camera !

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Azzyland - Craziest KARENS Caught On Camera ! I feel really bad if you are a manager and are watching this because these are the craziest karens I have ever seen. Don't forget to leave a like and for more Karens (Why tho?) check out this video:
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AzzyLand 16 päeva tagasi
Happy Easter Guys! ❤️❤️❤️
adrian f ytrcomor mcmanus
adrian f ytrcomor mcmanus 5 päeva tagasi
U too get better
The marvel dude
The marvel dude 9 päeva tagasi
Happy Easter from india
Fra Nicolas
Fra Nicolas 10 päeva tagasi
Thanks you too
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 12 päeva tagasi
Kawaii Wolf Pup
Kawaii Wolf Pup 14 päeva tagasi
Easter. Was .My.Birthday
pride club
pride club 14 tundi tagasi
I needed this 😂 I got Stitches today 😅
Jaime Leming
Jaime Leming 20 tundi tagasi
Why do you sound weird
Kevin Fries
Kevin Fries 2 päeva tagasi
Karens.. another reason to wish you had a tranquilizer dart. Lol
Therese Wood-Chang
Therese Wood-Chang 2 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does azzyland sound different 🤔
random vids
random vids 3 päeva tagasi
Get well soon azzy
The wreck Family
The wreck Family 3 päeva tagasi
What happened to your voice?
CandyPlayz 3 päeva tagasi
Happy Easter 🐣 Azzy!
American Landscape and Design INC
American Landscape and Design INC 3 päeva tagasi
I love you if your name is karen i hate you if you are a karen
J Shea
J Shea 4 päeva tagasi
It’s 4:00 am
J Shea
J Shea 4 päeva tagasi
Oh yes I’m jeffy un un unnnnnnnnn
SnickerdOodles• UwU
SnickerdOodles• UwU 4 päeva tagasi
As a youtuber, do you ever think any of your subscribers are karens? (litterly and verbally)
Jaylin Leal
Jaylin Leal 4 päeva tagasi
I saw that vegan teacher😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tay Tay Moon Playz
Tay Tay Moon Playz 4 päeva tagasi
Your poor voice azzy! 😭
Gabrielle Bonsall
Gabrielle Bonsall 4 päeva tagasi
omg azzy Your Voice!
Ayomi 4 päeva tagasi
How are you
Lyndsay McNally
Lyndsay McNally 5 päeva tagasi
karens, are favorite thing right?
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 5 päeva tagasi
I actually know someone named Karen but Karen is a nice Karen
Madison Hall
Madison Hall 5 päeva tagasi
When she was talking about jobs, I had a job when I was 10 years old. I worked with Paul the whole time One Direction was together. I haven't worked with him since they broke up but I can get back to it when they come back together. I'll be 21 this year so I worked with him 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and finally 15. I can't wait to do that again. I miss him
Crazywofly121 UwU
Crazywofly121 UwU 6 päeva tagasi
Future me:*sees Karen in COVID * Karen:why have you got a mask .me: COVID duh.karen:ITS NOT REAL!. Me:I’m leaving
Sophie Olsson
Sophie Olsson 6 päeva tagasi
Miss you🥺
Maks and G
Maks and G 7 päeva tagasi
Please come to Brisbane Queensland Australia when you have time🛫🛬
Axle Dragon
Axle Dragon 7 päeva tagasi
Azzy’s got a cold!
Maya Stephenson
Maya Stephenson 7 päeva tagasi
Azzy is the sweetest person ever I swear 🥰
Liberty Grimm
Liberty Grimm 7 päeva tagasi
Should Men Karen’s be called Ken’s
Amelie Nerantzis
Amelie Nerantzis 8 päeva tagasi
Azzy what happens to your voice
Aftons & Bianca
Aftons & Bianca 8 päeva tagasi
I feel bad about people who are named Karen’s but don’t act like Karen’s but people who do act like Karen’s aren’t named Karen I love how she is posting for us but she’s sick🥺🥺
Harriet 8 päeva tagasi
I love you Azzy your so kind ❤️
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am 8 päeva tagasi
Let’s be honest though Karen’s not always the customer there’s some rude Karen’s that shouldn’t even be working in customer service lol
CobyKid Gamer
CobyKid Gamer 8 päeva tagasi
I honestly would've just pulled this lady off my car 3:38
Isabella Scott
Isabella Scott 8 päeva tagasi
I have a neighbor named aren. She's really nice! Not at all like the stereotypical karens.
Isabella Scott
Isabella Scott 8 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for fast food employees.
Your Med Guy
Your Med Guy 8 päeva tagasi
As a youtuber I always woke up with enthusiasm but after watching my analytics it feels to me just quit it. Really the saddest part of being a small youtuber
Treky Not
Treky Not 9 päeva tagasi
If a black police was legal Then why are normal police are rasist to black guys???
Kritan Thapa
Kritan Thapa 9 päeva tagasi
I forgot about this channel
Alondra Ortiz
Alondra Ortiz 9 päeva tagasi
I. See. You. 😉☺️☺️
Earthling Person
Earthling Person 9 päeva tagasi
Brian Grimmer
Brian Grimmer 9 päeva tagasi
Little too much
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 9 päeva tagasi
are you sick? and happy easter
MP Games
MP Games 9 päeva tagasi
Karen the name who strikes fears in Slendermans heart
Mo Sto
Mo Sto 9 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for the man that got locked in the cage from a karen that has the uh rainbow hat like there is no point for her to lock him in there like how is he going to survive?
Kristal Mayfield
Kristal Mayfield 9 päeva tagasi
Azzy I think you have chocolate on for face 👉🏼👈🏼👁👄👁
Maddie Hatten
Maddie Hatten 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t want to sound dumb but is azzy sick if she is she has been for a while if she is get well soon ♥️
Charlotte Banister
Charlotte Banister 10 päeva tagasi
Person: breaths Karens: 911 HELP THIS PERSON IS BREAKING THE LAW
Charlotte Banister
Charlotte Banister 10 päeva tagasi
Someone: hey your not the only person in the world Karen: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
sharlin Membreno
sharlin Membreno 10 päeva tagasi
i have met a karen once
Eleanor Wagus
Eleanor Wagus 10 päeva tagasi
𝕂𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕟 𝕦 𝕕𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕕 𝕪𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕜 ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ɪᴛ ɴᴏᴡ 𝚗𝚘? 𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚕 ⒼⓄ ⒶⓌⒶⓎ ⓃⓄⓌ ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) Also here’s ur mask, 🇾 🇴 🇺 🇷 🇼 🇪 🇱 🇨 🇴 🇲 🇪  now please wear it :D
Brighton Gradisar
Brighton Gradisar 10 päeva tagasi
What app do you get your fonts on
Elissa Sayer
Elissa Sayer 10 päeva tagasi
Hope you feel better i aturly like your voice its like to prepare to sing lol hahahah
Jahbuzzz 10 päeva tagasi
Why is waching karens so entertaining?
Queen of dogs
Queen of dogs 10 päeva tagasi
Are you alright? You sound a bit hoarse. Are you sick?
CHINEDU-B-NEO Spider-Man NWOKOLO 10 päeva tagasi
Happy Easter Guys! ❤️❤️❤️
Jax Benson
Jax Benson 10 päeva tagasi
When a Karen gets on your car while your driving hit a light pole
Savanna Hadley
Savanna Hadley 10 päeva tagasi
What happened to your lip azzy
Rose Bateman
Rose Bateman 10 päeva tagasi
Let's play A mungas Join me and my The The passwords going to be asy Toy Story
Cadence Maier
Cadence Maier 10 päeva tagasi
i am kinda sad that most of these were just acted out...
Makayla Morwood
Makayla Morwood 10 päeva tagasi
i here wild karens are on the loos!
GATTI RYAN SHRAG 10 päeva tagasi
Azzyland how old are you ?
Dan PM
Dan PM 10 päeva tagasi
You're funny I like your videos
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley 11 päeva tagasi
I just watch a video of a Karen getting tazed because she ran from an officer of the L A W
Ballora •{Clara Afton}•
Ballora •{Clara Afton}• 11 päeva tagasi
Happy Easter and also why is azzy so funny when she is describing the Karen’s I can’t stop laughing btw azzy u made my day
Prathik V
Prathik V 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy what happened to your voice
Isabella Mathie
Isabella Mathie 11 päeva tagasi
Is that food on your cheek azzy
Shawneys Wifey
Shawneys Wifey 11 päeva tagasi
Jasmine Sanchez
Jasmine Sanchez 11 päeva tagasi
Good luck with uour voise
Liz Knowles
Liz Knowles 11 päeva tagasi
I made a playlist of u channel what is private 😁😁😁😁😁😁
David Lopez
David Lopez 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy your voice sound like your sick and I love you and I am subscribeing! And HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!
AllieCat Everything
AllieCat Everything 11 päeva tagasi
My great grandma would ALLWAYS say ,"Can I have nachos without cheese?"
Irene Pacheco
Irene Pacheco 11 päeva tagasi
Make a video that why u broke. Up with ur ex he made a video about why u broke up w him 💀
Z'Khari Gayle
Z'Khari Gayle 11 päeva tagasi
a got to savge and damacte
Z'Khari Gayle
Z'Khari Gayle 11 päeva tagasi
Z'Khari Gayle
Z'Khari Gayle 11 päeva tagasi
my secrat was reral
Andrea Gregory
Andrea Gregory 11 päeva tagasi
azzy what happend to your voice? ):
Janus Initiative
Janus Initiative 11 päeva tagasi
Are Karens a kind of SCP? Can or should they be contained? What is their classification?
reginald holden
reginald holden 11 päeva tagasi
I haven't been on this channel for 2 years it is nice to know that it doing good
reginald holden
reginald holden 11 päeva tagasi
I haven't
Aaleyah-Mae Dungo
Aaleyah-Mae Dungo 11 päeva tagasi
azzy almost has her voice back🥰
Shreyanshi Jain
Shreyanshi Jain 11 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks Azzy has a cold aka a sore throat.
Sara Hutchison
Sara Hutchison 11 päeva tagasi
Thisisasupersayin3 11 päeva tagasi
Why do you have your air conditioner next to your microphone
Starxxi love
Starxxi love 11 päeva tagasi
To Ms. Azzy: thank you for being you, recently my Aunt has died from heart disease and you cheered me up, Though it might not be much, thank you for just being, I love you and i hope you read this :) Best regards. Fellow Citizen Of Azzyland
Thomas Dunham
Thomas Dunham 11 päeva tagasi
Who is your boyfriend
Alondra-Mia Roht
Alondra-Mia Roht 11 päeva tagasi
Happy easter AzzyLand 💟💟💟
James Toomer
James Toomer 11 päeva tagasi
Get better soon
Angelina Htoo
Angelina Htoo 11 päeva tagasi
my ipad screen is broken and I’m getting a new one soon but my data won’t be saved
Sharla On roblox
Sharla On roblox 11 päeva tagasi
Pretty to
Sharla On roblox
Sharla On roblox 11 päeva tagasi
Best u tuber
Laura McGreal
Laura McGreal 11 päeva tagasi
Lilly Morteus
Lilly Morteus 11 päeva tagasi
Salvete, omnes hello everyone random :
Meghry Messerlian
Meghry Messerlian 11 päeva tagasi
These people should go back to school to learn rules of life
Kierah Belchior
Kierah Belchior 11 päeva tagasi
Well on my birthday I was sooooo sick I couldn't do anything😭....but my dad put "KaReNs" on TV n I started yelling n screaming at the "kArEns" it was the best day ÙWÚ
jack noodles
jack noodles 11 päeva tagasi
If I get hearted I will have the best Easter ever
Angel Wenman
Angel Wenman 11 päeva tagasi
You should name boy garens or barens
iCrEaM !
iCrEaM ! 11 päeva tagasi
Guys, please pray for Azzy she’s sick and yet she continues to post for us with no complaints! Hope your voice gets better soon :)
saleem yanda
saleem yanda 2 päeva tagasi
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Adventures w/ dolly and rocka
Adventures w/ dolly and rocka 11 päeva tagasi
Do A Collab With Dhar Mann
Koko Silver
Koko Silver 11 päeva tagasi
S•E•L•E•N•E T•A•N 11 päeva tagasi
3:25 on this episode, Karen becomes an bird
Cool Banana
Cool Banana 11 päeva tagasi
Gymnasticstutorials 10
Gymnasticstutorials 10 11 päeva tagasi
I love you and Kassie so much your so funny together every time I watch you two I just can't stop laughing, and when I'm upset I watch you guys to cheer me up. You guys have to make an account together!!! xx
꧁Khayllee Grace꧂
꧁Khayllee Grace꧂ 12 päeva tagasi
AniaPLayz 12 päeva tagasi
like your vice
Cati Ghereben
Cati Ghereben 12 päeva tagasi
Happy easter! 🐇 By the way Azzy are u romanian?
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