Crazy Fails You Won’t Believe Happened !

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Crazy Fails You Won’t Believe Happened ! - Some of these fails really hit hard considering how hard these people (and animals) are trying! Don't forget to leave a like and for more videos like this one, check out:
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
What's the craziest fail you've ever experienced? I'd share mine but I get too embarrassed just thinking about it...
Darin Alsaedi
Darin Alsaedi 3 päeva tagasi
My cat scratched me and there was a Claw Mark in the middel of my face it looked like a Scar from War or smth but it looked cool tho😹😼
Binkie'sWorld 4 päeva tagasi
When I was showing my bff how to cartwheel then fell on my back.
Cittysworld 13 päeva tagasi
I gotchu
Eva Lynggaard
Eva Lynggaard 13 päeva tagasi
It is cute your vois
Raquel McDonald
Raquel McDonald 13 päeva tagasi
Parkour kid
Parkour kid 3 tundi tagasi
I really like you’re voice
Maria Marpossa
Maria Marpossa Päev tagasi
Azzy here is 📣 Megaphone til you get your voice back with luv💕💗🐣🐥from your fans:)
Nyelah Campbell-Stewart
Nyelah Campbell-Stewart Päev tagasi
McKenna Lamason
McKenna Lamason 2 päeva tagasi
well i think u sound like a frog but u r awsome
Ramblin' Fam
Ramblin' Fam 3 päeva tagasi
When she says " of how funny my foice is rate it 1/10 in the comments" its not her fault so I gave it 0000
lily _yt
lily _yt 3 päeva tagasi
Am sory for your voice but it so swet
JULIE the Roblox girl
JULIE the Roblox girl 4 päeva tagasi
Whenever I get my tongue stuck to an ice cube I use my finger heat
Charlotte Kaeser
Charlotte Kaeser 4 päeva tagasi
oh i noticed
Binkie'sWorld 4 päeva tagasi
Away in hope your voice gets better. Check in your Doritos bag for it you might have lost it there
Binkie'sWorld 4 päeva tagasi
I meant azzy
nathan sanchez
nathan sanchez 4 päeva tagasi
it's pretty
nathan sanchez
nathan sanchez 4 päeva tagasi
i like your voice
Brooklyn Bean
Brooklyn Bean 5 päeva tagasi
Legend has it that the guy who licked the pole is still there today😳🤯
Daniel Daneski
Daniel Daneski 5 päeva tagasi
Get well soon azzy
Ivanna Butler
Ivanna Butler 5 päeva tagasi
10/10... i sympethize for u azzy
Ivanna Butler
Ivanna Butler 5 päeva tagasi
r u oki azzy? it sounds like u have a cold or something...
Ivanna Butler
Ivanna Butler 5 päeva tagasi
Evelyn Russell
Evelyn Russell 6 päeva tagasi
When I lost my phone but I was holding it🤣
Phyllis Cloud
Phyllis Cloud 6 päeva tagasi
Hi azzy this was a great video yay
Omar MNAIMNE 6 päeva tagasi
Hope you get better
Joey somar
Joey somar 7 päeva tagasi
0/10 I am so sorry about your voice
Isaac A MIllan
Isaac A MIllan 7 päeva tagasi
gargle salt water for your sore throat
valerie covey
valerie covey 8 päeva tagasi
Azzy you are buteful no matter what.
Jeannette Jenson
Jeannette Jenson 8 päeva tagasi
Eleonora Carey
Eleonora Carey 8 päeva tagasi
3:42 that dog is katsina bakugo
Hionh Jfukgy
Hionh Jfukgy 10 päeva tagasi
You sound soooo cute
MADIHA JAMAL 10 päeva tagasi
when i was expecting a good teacher i got a headcraked one . one noise all will get punished. I really apreciate how azzy still uploads vedios though she s not well . i really respect that
Isabella Venmore
Isabella Venmore 10 päeva tagasi
poor azzy thank you for still filming even without ur voice even though you probebly will not see this
Isabella Venmore
Isabella Venmore 10 päeva tagasi
why is ur voice so different from a couple months ago can u plz tell me
Praveen Mendonca
Praveen Mendonca 10 päeva tagasi
I am going watch azzys earlier videos to remember and we will all pray for your voice to come back azzy
Sihana Abazi
Sihana Abazi 11 päeva tagasi
Your voice seems amazing azzy it is not horrible
Sha'Lay Johnson
Sha'Lay Johnson 11 päeva tagasi
Kyle Priestley
Kyle Priestley 11 päeva tagasi
She sounds so different
hype cookieツ
hype cookieツ 12 päeva tagasi
is it me or does she sound like Selena Gomez when she was in Wizards of Waverly, I like her voice now and before
Veronica Jackson
Veronica Jackson 13 päeva tagasi
I failed climbing a tree 🌲 and I fell on my face 🤣😂😀😃
Veronica Jackson
Veronica Jackson 13 päeva tagasi
I have found your voice Azzy !!!!!!!!!!!😆😊🤣
V1BES Reviews
V1BES Reviews 14 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad for the guy at 6:18 his face
Kiera Schroeder
Kiera Schroeder 14 päeva tagasi
I think I found who stole your voice 🧜🏻‍♀️ it was her
Sadhbh Barry
Sadhbh Barry 14 päeva tagasi
Don’t worry I lost my voice completely
Sienna The great
Sienna The great 15 päeva tagasi
i know where yiur voice is! its in the trash where it should be!!!
Elizabeth Potoczny
Elizabeth Potoczny 15 päeva tagasi
I think I went to that golf place 😲😮
Susie Lynn
Susie Lynn 15 päeva tagasi
You sound beautiful in your voice 💖
Payton karn
Payton karn 15 päeva tagasi
its okay everyone's voice gets like that sometimes and 3/10
Isabella Boyd
Isabella Boyd 15 päeva tagasi
pour buny
TheLostOne YT
TheLostOne YT 15 päeva tagasi
We love you :)
Hannah Hala
Hannah Hala 15 päeva tagasi
Azzy are u sick cuz ur voice are u okay?
nintendo maniac Matthew
nintendo maniac Matthew 16 päeva tagasi
sounds like pubirty
Kristin MacQUeen
Kristin MacQUeen 16 päeva tagasi
Hope your voice gets better Azzy
Kristin MacQUeen
Kristin MacQUeen 16 päeva tagasi
Azzy’s voice is a 3/10% funny but let’s appreciate that she still is making videos although she lost her voice
Sydney Brewton
Sydney Brewton 16 päeva tagasi
I love you with your voices and when you lots it also it a $10,0000000000 dollar pries.
Rachel James
Rachel James 16 päeva tagasi
Hi azzy
Mike Kielty
Mike Kielty 16 päeva tagasi
Camillo Morales
Camillo Morales 17 päeva tagasi
whoever was screaming when the mouse got in the car I dislike them!
Braunson Kelly
Braunson Kelly 17 päeva tagasi
She sounds like Millie Sirius
Earth Witch Creations
Earth Witch Creations 17 päeva tagasi
Jer voice is wired
Zoe 17 päeva tagasi
glenn stowe
glenn stowe 17 päeva tagasi
The fakt I think she sounds like my ant
•••Kate••• 17 päeva tagasi
I wish ur voice come back
•••Kate••• 17 päeva tagasi
Ur voise!?!😔
Leah Selby
Leah Selby 17 päeva tagasi
All of them omg 😳🙀
Kamryn Camp
Kamryn Camp 18 päeva tagasi
Do you miss kwebbelkop
Sarah Hyde
Sarah Hyde 18 päeva tagasi
1 to 10 9
rossie dragon
rossie dragon 18 päeva tagasi
Did not notice
E&S-BFFs! 18 päeva tagasi
The last pole one happend to me but with an ice cream and I was in a super hot beach, idk lol
Timothy Milisauskas
Timothy Milisauskas 18 päeva tagasi
‘‘ Me‘‘‘‘ seeing babies laugh makes me laugh
Taijah Ogunsanya
Taijah Ogunsanya 18 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched her in a long while and just felt like it but I prefer her voice like this
all around the house
all around the house 18 päeva tagasi
What happened to your voice
Sssniperleopard 18 päeva tagasi
I don’t like water
Queen_Soto! 18 päeva tagasi
i love your voice even if it soundss like that and hope u get better soon!!!
Matthew Laskey CA 2027
Matthew Laskey CA 2027 18 päeva tagasi
I did not notice your voice 👉👈
Allen Volschenk
Allen Volschenk 18 päeva tagasi
leave a like if Azzy still sounds cute
Derek Darling
Derek Darling 18 päeva tagasi
I crashed into my staircase by acsident
Derek Darling
Derek Darling 18 päeva tagasi
I would say 5%
Rick Bradley
Rick Bradley 18 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad 4 U Azzy, It seems it's been so long that you've lost your voice 4 Good. Just Kiddin' Ya Darlin', lol! THX 4 Brightenin' my Day with those Awesome Fails Darlin'! IStillLYSM, PEACE OUT!
Le Cat
Le Cat 18 päeva tagasi
Azzy I hope you get better
Skate Girl
Skate Girl 18 päeva tagasi
azzy your voice what happend
JJCR 18 päeva tagasi
Isaac the girl when she was following the pool actually she was not too hungry and she didn't see it she said it was a dancing floor and she just walk ed on it that's how she fell in the pool so stop making lies
Karin Elise Nyhammer-Sanders
Karin Elise Nyhammer-Sanders 19 päeva tagasi
hi Azzy
Plama Airey
Plama Airey 19 päeva tagasi
Ur voice is 10/10
Dana Lester
Dana Lester 19 päeva tagasi
Quanisa Lewis
Quanisa Lewis 19 päeva tagasi
Is your voice okay
Laura Gazda
Laura Gazda 19 päeva tagasi
I like your voice
Neil Stewart
Neil Stewart 19 päeva tagasi
on a scale of one to i would sa about 1000000100000010000010000
Corina Granillo
Corina Granillo 19 päeva tagasi
Sorry but10
LutoFN 19 päeva tagasi
anyone else stops watching Azzy and her voice changed
Cupicorn 19 päeva tagasi
Me: putting a comment about azzy's voice ( thinking no one noticed her voice) Also me: scrolling down and reading comments. Again me: finds 2,3 comments about her voice! My reaction 😨😳
Cupicorn 19 päeva tagasi
Do you notice why azzy's sound is different? If u r not well get better soon!😊
Pheobe Turrall
Pheobe Turrall 19 päeva tagasi
Me - typing what happened to your voice Azzy - for anyone who doesn't know I lost my voice! Me - how did she know what I was gonna type she be a wizard 😱😱
Natalia Ramirez Rojas
Natalia Ramirez Rojas 19 päeva tagasi
Lol OwO
Marcella Wolfe
Marcella Wolfe 19 päeva tagasi
100/10 I love her voice even though she lost it
Gabrielle St. Jean
Gabrielle St. Jean 19 päeva tagasi
Away your voice sounds cool
calvin reiko
calvin reiko 19 päeva tagasi
Noov Tart
Noov Tart 20 päeva tagasi
Mandi Radcliff
Mandi Radcliff 20 päeva tagasi
your voice is great
wayne urcino
wayne urcino 20 päeva tagasi
TheDonBlairs 20 päeva tagasi
ccgplayz nothing
ccgplayz nothing 20 päeva tagasi
Your poor voice
M M 20 päeva tagasi
You sound like Jojo siwa not trying to be rude
Layne Helming
Layne Helming 20 päeva tagasi
A 9999999999999999999999999999999999999998888888888888i88888888888888888888888
Amy Hamilton
Amy Hamilton 20 päeva tagasi
What is your voice really down
S Myalee Myalee
S Myalee Myalee 20 päeva tagasi
sean kelly
sean kelly 20 päeva tagasi
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