DUMB People I Found on TikTok

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Azzyland - DUMB People I Found on TikTok. To be fair tho, we all do dumb things from time to time. Our friends accept us despite it and our family has no choice but to love us. If you wanna see more tiktok videos check out this: eepost.info/my/video/qHuFpH6snp-Fr6E.html
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
Kinda relieved I didn’t show up in any of these TikToks
Rayna Random
Rayna Random 17 tundi tagasi
Hai Azzy 😂
• Møønłight Fłøwer •
• Møønłight Fłøwer • 3 päeva tagasi
Øłíšå thē mād hättër
Øłíšå thē mād hättër 3 päeva tagasi
I like turtles
Best Cookie Friends
Best Cookie Friends 4 päeva tagasi
Why would you? Your not dumb Azzy
Lena Kaufmann
Lena Kaufmann 5 päeva tagasi
6:49 She said:I made a hole Then she stuck her finger in and it hurted so she was saying ouch The Tiktok was in german and I am german😆😅
Emily Maria Ferrey
Emily Maria Ferrey 4 tundi tagasi
Yeah yeah ice is back
Emily Maria Ferrey
Emily Maria Ferrey 4 tundi tagasi
I meant your voice it's back
Mostly_Roblox 17 tundi tagasi
filing down your teeth and lighting yourself on fire are actual tiktok challenges
Madeline De Leon
Madeline De Leon 20 tundi tagasi
why is no one talking ab the mom?
โอเหนือ Chanel
โอเหนือ Chanel Päev tagasi
Lauren 2 päeva tagasi
Brittni Hemmerling
Brittni Hemmerling 3 päeva tagasi
You mean 5
Nia 3 päeva tagasi
Abbey Powers
Abbey Powers 3 päeva tagasi
Haha Anne-ways
Charlotte Kaeser
Charlotte Kaeser 3 päeva tagasi
you pernounsed right but i didn't spell that right
Red Twit
Red Twit 4 päeva tagasi
Seriously this is such a coincidence so the ad that I saw before this was about being smart and dumb and this video is about a lot of people being dumb
Destiny Monique Lawrence12
Destiny Monique Lawrence12 5 päeva tagasi
Nicholas Shikano
Nicholas Shikano 5 päeva tagasi
is NO ONE gunna talk about the laugh at 2:51 ????
보리해 5 päeva tagasi
She put Jungkook in there😂
Rheanna Abrielle Garcia
Rheanna Abrielle Garcia 5 päeva tagasi
Me not re watching this then for getting to comment on how much I laughed when I saw the golden maknae on the corner of my screen
Sean-Jhilliane Basco
Sean-Jhilliane Basco 6 päeva tagasi
Jungkook for JK!!!!
Franz Zinie
Franz Zinie 6 päeva tagasi
The one and only Potato PYC
The one and only Potato PYC 6 päeva tagasi
Azzy: Annie is fine Me: aww thank you, but my name is spelled weirdly it is spelled Anni
Paige & Quinn
Paige & Quinn 6 päeva tagasi
So many people talking about Jungkook | Cant lie I love BTS❤️
Vivianna Lopez
Vivianna Lopez 7 päeva tagasi
The way she put jungkook on when she said jk jk JK jk😂😂
xSxmplyxJadex 7 päeva tagasi
8:08 i do the same thing my fire alarm goes off once a week when someone cooks ✨nUggiEs✨ at 1am-
Lima Bean
Lima Bean 7 päeva tagasi
I had to come to the comments cuz of jungkook💜💜💜
Nomi 8 päeva tagasi
1:04 $6,000 because I wouldn’t want money to drive me insane and become SUPER spoiled.
Elizabeth Fierro
Elizabeth Fierro 8 päeva tagasi
EggAngelina! 8 päeva tagasi
Azzyland sucks!
sophie VlogsYT
sophie VlogsYT 8 päeva tagasi
sophie VlogsYT
sophie VlogsYT 8 päeva tagasi
Jk jk
BTS Army Emma
BTS Army Emma 8 päeva tagasi
hi @AzzyLand i am new to your channel was asking that are you an BTS fan too aka Army........and your videos are hilarious
Bearito 9 päeva tagasi
Claim your here after 1 month ticket here
Angus Shx06
Angus Shx06 9 päeva tagasi
5:04 I'm sorry but that laugh
Leila Claire Pinili
Leila Claire Pinili 10 päeva tagasi
OMG azzy are you army?
Agnieszka Lemieszek
Agnieszka Lemieszek 10 päeva tagasi
The one that the tolet explldes it looke like from yes day
Fabienne Ribbe
Fabienne Ribbe 10 päeva tagasi
The Clip 7:03 she Said i Made a hole in the Wall btw its German
xSᴜɴɴʏSᴜɴ 10 päeva tagasi
Ayo, I once whent somewhere I forgot, then in the middle of the night we heard the fire alarms and we actually went outside, I was young- like 7.. My brother was 2 I was shocked.
xSᴜɴɴʏSᴜɴ 10 päeva tagasi
I just realized everybody be talking about the Jk Part (a.k.a : 7:48 make sure is paused to see what I'm talkib abpit
* username*
* username* 10 päeva tagasi
❤ you to
N R 10 päeva tagasi
Where in Canada do you have bugs yet!
Loi Kids
Loi Kids 10 päeva tagasi
Someone: Tell me my best friend is dumb without telling me your best friend dumb Me: My best friend is not smart
ELLEN SCOTT 10 päeva tagasi
Ugh bug bites in Canada
bobaxtaexvibeesh 11 päeva tagasi
Mia Watgen
Mia Watgen 11 päeva tagasi
i cut my finger it hurts
Adrian Martel
Adrian Martel 11 päeva tagasi
My best friend is not smart
Kimberly D. Stephens
Kimberly D. Stephens 12 päeva tagasi
Thank you Mr Me
Mary De Burca
Mary De Burca 12 päeva tagasi
Scarlett Sophia
Scarlett Sophia 13 päeva tagasi
Azzy: don’t bit the face Me: don’t you dare ruin azzy’s money maker
Béla Bognár
Béla Bognár 14 päeva tagasi
0:22 - 6000 (dollars/ pounds/ euros) per week for the rest of my life sounds OK to me. (Roughly 26k/ mo, 312k/ yr - I can live with that... 😊 )
potterhead _hogwarts
potterhead _hogwarts 14 päeva tagasi
Are u turning to a potterhead?
Peggy Baker
Peggy Baker 15 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one that is ded of laghting
Mariana Aguilar
Mariana Aguilar 15 päeva tagasi
7:47 when she said jk I thought of jungkook and she put a picture of jungkook I started screaming I went to go look at the comments and saw KPOP STANS
Royal Bear Z
Royal Bear Z 15 päeva tagasi
Maria fernanda Cervera davila
Maria fernanda Cervera davila 15 päeva tagasi
*me everytime the video ends* Azzy: stay awesome , stay sweet and dont forg- Me: ET TO BE NICE TO BE NICE EACH OTHER BYE BYEEEE :D
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 15 päeva tagasi
2:01 that toilet identifies as a washing machine now!
Emilie Dajc
Emilie Dajc 15 päeva tagasi
9:01 well i guess I know what to do when i lern how to drive Lol
Ricky Hall
Ricky Hall 16 päeva tagasi
Who's Jungkoo
Matt German
Matt German 16 päeva tagasi
Laughing so hard that my lung decide to vibrate 2:52
Holy_CocoNut YT :D
Holy_CocoNut YT :D 16 päeva tagasi
Yay she finded her voice :D
Coconut Banna
Coconut Banna 17 päeva tagasi
Emmita Issaq
Emmita Issaq 17 päeva tagasi
Title: DUMB people I found on TikTok. Me: suddenly notices my reflection in the video :)
Lynn Büning
Lynn Büning 17 päeva tagasi
7:01 she said that she did a hole in the wall I‘m not good in English but I hope you know what I mean😂
Soica Menjivar
Soica Menjivar 17 päeva tagasi
Azzyland fly u
Nicole Gilchuk
Nicole Gilchuk 18 päeva tagasi
I've cut my hair like at 3:50. But I did it properly. That girl didn't brush her hair properly and didn't make sure to have the back hair brushed over the top. And didn't flatten the ponytail into a vertical final type thing to cut on an angle. She cut it horizontal and that's why it didn't work. Literally took me 2mins to brush mine into a ponytail and cut
Nikki Mooney
Nikki Mooney 18 päeva tagasi
love you soooo much azzyyyy
dyesabel alojado
dyesabel alojado 18 päeva tagasi
7:47 i love how you put jungkook there 😂
my hero acadameia
my hero acadameia 18 päeva tagasi
It’s like 2 in the morning I haven’t slept any tips on how to get to sleep
Olivia Reynolds
Olivia Reynolds 18 päeva tagasi
isnt the square root of 24 6
Game_ Geek
Game_ Geek 18 päeva tagasi
I love you 😘❤️🥰😘❤️🥰😘❤️🥰💕
Mk Underwood
Mk Underwood 18 päeva tagasi
5:28 Answer: A lot of things...
Mk Underwood
Mk Underwood 18 päeva tagasi
2:36 I burst out laughing!!
vagiko 19 päeva tagasi
is she phibi
Imhere 19 päeva tagasi
Are we never going to talk about how azzyland is always the the first
Laura Gonzales
Laura Gonzales 19 päeva tagasi
Marshmallow Queen
Marshmallow Queen 19 päeva tagasi
All the people who don’t know what jk means : global warming ok let’s get to my fridge
Not_sp Squad
Not_sp Squad 19 päeva tagasi
Will this work??? Azzyland Azzyland Azzyland Azzyland Azzyland And this is for u azzy 🌮 and a ❤
Dennis Is great
Dennis Is great 19 päeva tagasi
Just so y’all know you can’t stop global warming you can only transport the nature somewhere else
Ella 19 päeva tagasi
6:11 Hey, she’s embarrassed, I mean, like, MOST of these people are! I feels bad ☹️
Katie Uhl
Katie Uhl 20 päeva tagasi
Lil RobloxPlayer
Lil RobloxPlayer 20 päeva tagasi
who else screamed when she added a picture of jungkook when she said "jk" the 3rd time lol
Ritah Nerry
Ritah Nerry 20 päeva tagasi
You are funny your last video made me laugh for 12 minutes and you remind me of my ex gf the face and voice and body
{ XxVioletkittenxX }
{ XxVioletkittenxX } 20 päeva tagasi
7:39 is that why it’s so cold here?
Potterhead Simmer
Potterhead Simmer 20 päeva tagasi
Thank you. You pronounced Diagon Alley correctly. AND you read the books. AND when you said JK, you put the real JK. (🤣) We need more people like you in our community. ❤❤ Honestly, you are an amazing person. (In more ways than this.🤣)
Madeline Carlo
Madeline Carlo 20 päeva tagasi
use a phone and where head phones as if they where lisaning to music ez
Story Animation Girl
Story Animation Girl 21 päev tagasi
Don't worry Azzy, you said Diagon Alley right!
Natalie Cooper
Natalie Cooper 21 päev tagasi
Imagine all those dead fishies in the sewage
Panther Plays
Panther Plays 21 päev tagasi
Me wanting the 20Million:I’m so happy!! Me realizing I chose wrong : MOM I NEED A NEW LIFE I CHOSE WRONG 😭
zibooo owo
zibooo owo 21 päev tagasi
LOL 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂!!!!
HalaMass 21 päev tagasi
my lil' baby... jungkookie!!!!! ( who here army?? )
Francisco Pena
Francisco Pena 21 päev tagasi
why am i not in there D: ( im dumb :D )
MacFion 21 päev tagasi
fyi, it would take about 65 years to get up to 20 million. If you're young, it might be a option, but anyone already mid 20's most likely wouldn't live long enough to get the same amount. Straight 20mill would be a loss about 44% in taxes in one shot, but at least you don't have to wait 30 years to get it.
David Auto Jones
David Auto Jones 21 päev tagasi
Me just watching this because I’m crying waiting for my kitten
⟬⟭ Jimin needs his lost jams ⟭⟬
⟬⟭ Jimin needs his lost jams ⟭⟬ 22 päeva tagasi
Her: JK Jk- Jungkook: *exists* Me: JUNGKOOK OPPA
•ro_hay• 22 päeva tagasi
Its pronaunced "DIGONELLY"
Dawson C
Dawson C 22 päeva tagasi
The girl who cut her hair it honestly looks good
Darpan Kaur
Darpan Kaur 23 päeva tagasi
Not me getting exited when she puts a pic of jungkook when she was saying jk
S Adams
S Adams 23 päeva tagasi
Michael Jackson was right: "Annie are you okay, are you okay annie"😂😂... such a legend though 🔥♥️
Iva Posoldova
Iva Posoldova 23 päeva tagasi
XxAnimals GamingXx
XxAnimals GamingXx 23 päeva tagasi
She got her voice back!
Kylie Vance
Kylie Vance 23 päeva tagasi
6:25 - 6:28 I see dat everyday that is literally a kid in my 4TH GRADE CLASS
Sabeen Malik
Sabeen Malik 23 päeva tagasi
omg the jungkook picture had me screaming I AM A ARMY AND THAT MADE ME HAPPY.
VintageVibes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
VintageVibes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 24 päeva tagasi
Azzy when she sees something horrible: | (• ◡•)|
Caine Stoggy
Caine Stoggy 24 päeva tagasi
Umm what happen to like the last two minutes
Leslie McMillen
Leslie McMillen 24 päeva tagasi
The washing matoilet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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