Funny TikToks That Are On Another Level !

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Azzyland - Funny TikToks That Are On Another Level ! These tiktoks are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and make milk come out yourself. (milk not included). If you want to see more funny tiktoks check out this video:
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Daisy 10 tundi tagasi
Omg my friends always tell me my laugh is rlly weird like I’m squealing and sound like a wining dog 🤪🤣
Legend Lover
Legend Lover 3 päeva tagasi
Somebody should go thru a fast food drive thru and be like can I get a.. A HEYA!!!!!!
Smart kids and games
Smart kids and games 3 päeva tagasi
Azzy: 4:49 Me: oops (wink wink)😅😉
•That one_person•
•That one_person• 4 päeva tagasi
My real laugh: **Demonic screaming** Also me: _What_
Isadora Paraschiv
Isadora Paraschiv 4 päeva tagasi
My laugh is just a bunch of breathing out rapidly in a row and sometimes a small tea kettle wheeze
Art with Luis Luis
Art with Luis Luis 7 päeva tagasi
Your voice what hapined
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark 7 päeva tagasi
I can’t be the only one that can hear Dance Monkey in the background.
Giuliana Palmieri
Giuliana Palmieri 7 päeva tagasi
I don't have a laugh i have a weeze
Kristen Tugwell
Kristen Tugwell 8 päeva tagasi
Azzy be quiet we are trying to watch a woman get drunk in her dream!!!!!
just a stay that will not be named
just a stay that will not be named 9 päeva tagasi
Let's be honest that snot pun is the best thing you've heard all day
YtJays 10 päeva tagasi
I love your videos ther so awesome
Kayla Playz
Kayla Playz 10 päeva tagasi
My friend say me life is like a hyena😇
SambamcookStars World
SambamcookStars World 10 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched you I 1 year and your voice changed
Allie Plays
Allie Plays 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy do u have a cold? Btw love ur vids!! 🌷✨🌸
Troy Horan-Bilicki
Troy Horan-Bilicki 11 päeva tagasi
The sleep walking girl is @celina_spookey_boo on tictock
Unijordi Doo
Unijordi Doo 14 päeva tagasi
Girl your voice is so scratchy? Not to be nosy but why?
Hazel Lucyshyn
Hazel Lucyshyn 15 päeva tagasi
Azzy ur losing ur voice! I hope it gets better!
Angele Gauthier
Angele Gauthier 17 päeva tagasi
Your voice
AnonymousEevee 17 päeva tagasi
“Do not watch my first video” Me: hold my hot pocket
Yourim Shamo
Yourim Shamo 17 päeva tagasi
omg I love your videos Azzy! also what happend to your voice it sounds like your tierd
Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson 18 päeva tagasi
Brooklynn Fox
Brooklynn Fox 18 päeva tagasi
I've cut my hair with finger nail clippers to my scalp
Kid Ginger
Kid Ginger 20 päeva tagasi
My last name is Applegate so I have to stop midway point for a photo 😂
Salma Cruz
Salma Cruz 20 päeva tagasi
i seen 1:41 on tiktok it was one of the funniest things i ever seen i was laughing pretty hard i then showed my mom and aunt and they both laughed hard too...
Grishma Gautam
Grishma Gautam 21 päev tagasi
I thought like you are not speaking
Rapt 21 päev tagasi
do she have discord
Mika Faulkner
Mika Faulkner 21 päev tagasi
my laugh is me dying like a pig
Hey_it's _K
Hey_it's _K 21 päev tagasi
My laugh honestly sounds like a minion toy
Zodiacwolf 21 päev tagasi
Azzy your voice u okay?😅
Jada Volk
Jada Volk 22 päeva tagasi
I sound like a literal hyena when i laugh
GalaxyGamer 22 päeva tagasi
Why is your voice different
Miguel Gerald Lalusin
Miguel Gerald Lalusin 23 päeva tagasi
Why is your voice like that azzy
Story Animation Girl
Story Animation Girl 23 päeva tagasi
I laugh like a guinea pig
AleEd Hurtado
AleEd Hurtado 23 päeva tagasi
Guy: “Can I get a...” Me: OWA OWA
Emma Buhr
Emma Buhr 23 päeva tagasi
She’s even starting to lose her voice in this video
Shifa Qt
Shifa Qt 23 päeva tagasi
2:10 I laugh like a recoon
Mia Rowson
Mia Rowson 24 päeva tagasi
Take a break and rest ur voice Azzy pls
Drashya Patel
Drashya Patel 25 päeva tagasi
What happened to your voice
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 25 päeva tagasi
Your voice sounds different
Stevie Parsons
Stevie Parsons 25 päeva tagasi
My family says i have a dolphin laugh lol
Amanda Gailīte
Amanda Gailīte 25 päeva tagasi
Whats happening to azzys voice?
Niki Sullivan
Niki Sullivan 25 päeva tagasi
Hi I'm new I love your videos
Tardrek Bridgers
Tardrek Bridgers 26 päeva tagasi
What’s wrong with your voice
Adriana Oprea
Adriana Oprea 26 päeva tagasi
azzy I think ur still sick
sharafudheen madathil
sharafudheen madathil 27 päeva tagasi
Foxy777 FNAF
Foxy777 FNAF 27 päeva tagasi
I laugh like a laughing hyena
Prashma Umesh Shetty
Prashma Umesh Shetty 27 päeva tagasi
wht happened to azzys voice🥺
Someone:or:something 27 päeva tagasi
Every 5 years my birthday is on thanksgiving so when I’m 15 my birthday with be on thanksgiving
Tristan Jager
Tristan Jager 27 päeva tagasi
What happend to your voise
Stoodio 28 päeva tagasi
Let's just take a moment to congratulate the person at 10:32!!!
lemon 28 päeva tagasi
Azzy:don't watch my old videos Me:watches them
peace gang
peace gang 28 päeva tagasi
Never mind
peace gang
peace gang 28 päeva tagasi
What happened girl your voice got quiet and scratchy
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson 28 päeva tagasi
Smol idiot -
Smol idiot - 28 päeva tagasi
My laugh is straight up wheezing and snorting and cackling 😂
ICE BANNA Hi 28 päeva tagasi
I feel bad she I getting less views now
Ton Jerry
Ton Jerry 29 päeva tagasi
What happened to her voice
Fright-Chan 28 päeva tagasi
Shes sick
Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter 29 päeva tagasi
That youtuber that watched the UPS guy Jump over the sidewalk My dad's favorite funny youtuber
Amelianna Godbey
Amelianna Godbey 29 päeva tagasi
Me: hahahaha Brother: blahahahahblahaha
Emmazon 29 päeva tagasi
Omg I wonder what the dreams that lady is having when she's sleep walking!!😂😂
Emmazon 29 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Azzy: Like you may be alone but at least ur not somebody's Kleenex 😂🤣😂
KittyGamer 29 päeva tagasi
Fabiola Gramajo
Fabiola Gramajo 29 päeva tagasi
Katara Lassiter
Katara Lassiter 29 päeva tagasi
Azzy: I think we've all experimented with cutting our own hair at one point. Me who cut her hair in class with scissors and doing it without the teacher even noticing: 🤣😁
Leana Tafili
Leana Tafili 29 päeva tagasi
I cut my own bangs and i love them bc they look so cute so i feel proud of myself😌😌
Honey Denia
Honey Denia 29 päeva tagasi
Did she say crow
julio g Rodriguez
julio g Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
AZZY what happened to your Voice???!!
LL T Місяць tagasi
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata Місяць tagasi
2:26 it says next to someone's name they/them hgfucyvgb idk why but this made me happy to see!
Memey Місяць tagasi
What happened to her voice
Addyson Місяць tagasi
Cow one when she said it's utterly tragic she didn't even make a joke out of it utterly hahaha
Wolf Hunter
Wolf Hunter Місяць tagasi
Are u ok
Leen Ghanayem
Leen Ghanayem Місяць tagasi
I should be losing my mind (already) :/
Mia Rohman
Mia Rohman Місяць tagasi
Nikki Hernandez
Nikki Hernandez Місяць tagasi
I snort on purpose
The blond noob Cute :D
The blond noob Cute :D Місяць tagasi
Michael Aschberger
Michael Aschberger Місяць tagasi
How are the videos so funny🤣😂
Alyshianna Paletua
Alyshianna Paletua Місяць tagasi
How rude!
Lovely_Sanudda101 Місяць tagasi
Azzy is making my day right now T^T
Katy Nieto
Katy Nieto Місяць tagasi
Umm I saw your first vid 😐😐😐
Help me reach 10k with no videos!
Help me reach 10k with no videos! Місяць tagasi
Dear whoever is reading this, I wish there was a way for everyone to erase all sadness and stress and just replace it with happiness. You have an entire galaxy and a beautiful life ahead of you. Nothing in life is ever easy, but what's important is that YOU keep going. ❤️
Jalynn Hehehe
Jalynn Hehehe Місяць tagasi
im finna go see the first video she made
Dorothy Garcia
Dorothy Garcia Місяць tagasi
Me: who has no siblings so I get all the attention
Nichole McCauley
Nichole McCauley Місяць tagasi
that vid with the girl sleeping on the meeting...I always sleep in the school
Jennifer Fantone
Jennifer Fantone Місяць tagasi
I love your videos so much. Can I please have a shout out 🙏. I'm a very good and kind person.
John doe
John doe Місяць tagasi
What happened to her voice
Ella Gilbertson
Ella Gilbertson Місяць tagasi
don't get me wrong, i love Azzy but who else thinks its annoying when she talks over a video's audio
IMPOSTER GAMER Місяць tagasi
I used to eat laxatives but in chocolate form the me and my friend ate ALL of them well you probably know what happened after that 😳😳😳😳
Khris Strauch
Khris Strauch Місяць tagasi
I make a funny laugh. It's a minion laugh
Reem Alsamahiji
Reem Alsamahiji Місяць tagasi
I Have A Disgusting Laugh
Kelsey Місяць tagasi
Azzyland: this shows how little teachers get paid *Me when all of the teachers at my school have iPhone 11 & 12*: 👁👄👁
Lotusツ Місяць tagasi
Omg first one is hilarious
Kytti Місяць tagasi
Is her voice different?
Joseph Long
Joseph Long Місяць tagasi
Ameria Mays
Ameria Mays Місяць tagasi
spell i can
mune lovelace
mune lovelace Місяць tagasi
If you tell Alexa I pooped then she has a funny reaction
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Місяць tagasi
I have a scary laugh
Anna the unicorn
Anna the unicorn Місяць tagasi
what happened to her voice
Shayda Barendse
Shayda Barendse Місяць tagasi
Is azzy sick
Monroe Mullins
Monroe Mullins Місяць tagasi
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