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AzzyLand 20 päeva tagasi
It’s 2021 and we STILL don’t have hovering cars...what gives???
Skye-Lynn Brown
Skye-Lynn Brown Tund tagasi
im sad cuz my parents yell at me when i ask for you and glooms merch
Dinesh Bala
Dinesh Bala 2 tundi tagasi
Jess Inclenrock
Jess Inclenrock 3 tundi tagasi
XxCloudy DayxX
XxCloudy DayxX Päev tagasi
Somebody azzy knows: Azzy! I’ve told you that they are dangerous!! We might never get them!
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Päev tagasi
Are u sick?
zuri chocolate
zuri chocolate 2 tundi tagasi
Azzy your voice is it fine!?
Kaylah Tran
Kaylah Tran 5 tundi tagasi
this is so cool😎🆒
Erin J
Erin J 7 tundi tagasi
Rodney Jenkins
Rodney Jenkins 8 tundi tagasi
Your voice changed
princesse louke ogula
princesse louke ogula 9 tundi tagasi
Azzy you changed
Super Kids
Super Kids 10 tundi tagasi
No offense I love your videos
Super Kids
Super Kids 10 tundi tagasi
What happens to your voice
DerpyDemon123 11 tundi tagasi
Azzy:There needs to be something to find ur phone Find my phone: Am I a joke to u?
¿xXGłichXx¿ thing
¿xXGłichXx¿ thing 12 tundi tagasi
Hi if you are from 3021 us we are dead but at least you did not have to suffer then this history called COVID- 19 so be thankful you did not have to suffer and if your not from 3021 then be thankful we are not in the Black Death or Spanish flu now let me go now to my year 2021....
Elizabeth Beauvais
Elizabeth Beauvais 13 tundi tagasi
Victoria Casillas
Victoria Casillas 14 tundi tagasi
does not work
robin everson
robin everson 15 tundi tagasi
Azzy is so kind for making vids even when she is sick! Like Azzy deserves an award 🎖
dumbness 16 tundi tagasi
oh you are sick I am so sorry tysm! WE LOVE YOU!
dumbness 16 tundi tagasi
And your voice!? ARE YOU OKAY I HOPE SO!!
Paytin Cole
Paytin Cole 16 tundi tagasi
Why is ur voice wired
Alexa Nicole Papadopoulos
Alexa Nicole Papadopoulos 18 tundi tagasi
Azzy i can tel your sick 🤧Get verry well soon bye byyyyyyye
TAUFIQ MRIDUL 19 tundi tagasi
what is going on with your voice its changing day by day
•89• •Dead• •Cities•
•89• •Dead• •Cities• 20 tundi tagasi
i used to watch you when i was 6
Allison Nilsson
Allison Nilsson 21 tund tagasi
Maly Johnson
Maly Johnson 21 tund tagasi
her voice?
Syd Gillespie
Syd Gillespie 21 tund tagasi
6:00 What is this flying Cheeto contraption?
bunny bobby
bunny bobby 22 tundi tagasi
Good thing ill be alive in 3021 cuz am still 8
Janet Kirowo
Janet Kirowo 22 tundi tagasi
She's has a nice distinctive voice
Designated-Lee Päev tagasi
Poo Lol
Poo Lol Päev tagasi
0:28 Ik that one lol
Kent Castly Lapas
Kent Castly Lapas Päev tagasi
Azzy what happen to ur voice
Rica Banaag
Rica Banaag Päev tagasi
am I the only one who hears emma chamberlain?
Eli Atkinson
Eli Atkinson Päev tagasi
your voies sounds tearibble hope you feel beter
zack gaboury
zack gaboury Päev tagasi
I'm watching this in a bathtub
itz_utiqpu. fm
itz_utiqpu. fm Päev tagasi
Azzyland your voice is diffrent get some rest
Sharen Samuels
Sharen Samuels Päev tagasi
Hi Azzy Land I love you 🥰🥰❤️💖💖
Noah’s Vlogs
Noah’s Vlogs Päev tagasi
I haven’t watched her in a while but I think her voice changed
Um Jude
Um Jude Päev tagasi
lets appreciate yea like she is sick but till wont leave us
Lolo n' Lala
Lolo n' Lala Päev tagasi
there is a app called find my and that makes a sound and directions to your phone you should get it
Shafiullah Akila
Shafiullah Akila Päev tagasi
Is it really azzy? Cause she seems a lot different
lisa cutts
lisa cutts Päev tagasi
u r amazing u r trying ur best for us
Helen Heseltine
Helen Heseltine Päev tagasi
You don't sound like you you use to to years ago
mr radomiser
mr radomiser Päev tagasi
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro Päev tagasi
No offense but I don't think there will be a viruse in 100 years...well now that I think abt it every 100 years there is a virus so never mind lol
Karlīna Kronberga
Karlīna Kronberga Päev tagasi
it is so diferent
Karlīna Kronberga
Karlīna Kronberga Päev tagasi
what is whit ur woice!!!
Maddie Morgan
Maddie Morgan Päev tagasi
So in the thumbnail, they had a mask with a clear space in the middle, that is actually for def people so other people can lip read them if they don't know sign language. My mom's friend is def and she has that mask, I thought it was pretty cool.
Bonnie Allenby
Bonnie Allenby Päev tagasi
car that can transform
Candy land sisters
Candy land sisters Päev tagasi
What happened to your voice
kade3270 kade3270
kade3270 kade3270 Päev tagasi
the helicopter/ flying Cheeto is a K-max
ann dilor
ann dilor Päev tagasi
AZZY: wow self driving tesla with phone ALSO HER: they need to make an app for ur phone ME: confused af
Audrey Adams
Audrey Adams Päev tagasi
I think Azzy's voice cracked at the beginning of the video 0:04
Maribel Reyes
Maribel Reyes Päev tagasi
this channel is dyeing
Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis 2 päeva tagasi
You don't sound like Azzy 😂
Alvin Seebarratt
Alvin Seebarratt 2 päeva tagasi
Scoot case Lol😂😂
Apollo The Wolf
Apollo The Wolf 2 päeva tagasi
Ah so I see you've found George the monkey. He's the cutest thing in the whole world!
Mahmoud Abushanab
Mahmoud Abushanab 2 päeva tagasi
are you okay
Ethan Rouse
Ethan Rouse 2 päeva tagasi
You can say " it's not dalivery it's dadgrono
Juliet DogDog
Juliet DogDog 2 päeva tagasi
Why does azzy sound like dove camron
Yexof Plays
Yexof Plays 2 päeva tagasi
Is it me or did I remember you having 15,000,000 million subs?
•A S H•
•A S H• 2 päeva tagasi
Azzy! Get some rest🥺 Your voice is cracking and you are sick!
Pritun Udayakumar
Pritun Udayakumar 2 päeva tagasi
its been ages scince i watched u and ur voice changed like sooo much
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 2 päeva tagasi
Love this
Alleas’s World
Alleas’s World 2 päeva tagasi
Her voice is differ
Sonam Jain
Sonam Jain 2 päeva tagasi
Her voice when she's sick still sounds so pretty, and actually makes it so mature Why do I sound like a dying horse when I'm sick?
MinecraftMSCO 2 päeva tagasi
i tried to make a invisible wallpaper it did not work
rayane ressami
rayane ressami 2 päeva tagasi
Azzyland why ur voice have changed a lot?
TylerWolfie Watt
TylerWolfie Watt 2 päeva tagasi
I know your sick but your voice like this is so sexy when I'm sick I sould like a 50 year old smoker haha even ill girl are awsome 🤣 girl power 😝
Youngdaggerdick 3 päeva tagasi
She sounds like tana mongeau
Reicees puffs
Reicees puffs 3 päeva tagasi
did she say the n words own iron man gloves
Stay focused And extra sparkley
Stay focused And extra sparkley 3 päeva tagasi
I’m sorry that you lost your voice
fahad qasir
fahad qasir 3 päeva tagasi
Is it me or her voice sounds seductive when she's sick😑😑😏
Hayden Phillips
Hayden Phillips 3 päeva tagasi
I had 104
ツDa Robloxian Meeps
ツDa Robloxian Meeps 3 päeva tagasi
Has azzy got a cold bc her voice is different to me?
SFS Rockets
SFS Rockets 3 päeva tagasi
5:31 my dogs name is George bro
Nightcore Assasin
Nightcore Assasin 3 päeva tagasi
Dis gurl is basiclly sick and making vids 4 us and shes nice how good
Payton Mcelroy
Payton Mcelroy 3 päeva tagasi
Aaron Geiger
Aaron Geiger 3 päeva tagasi
Aaron Geiger
Aaron Geiger 3 päeva tagasi
What do you put on a pigs leg when he hurt it
Pro Smixx
Pro Smixx 3 päeva tagasi
Or cracked
Pro Smixx
Pro Smixx 3 päeva tagasi
Is it me or when the last time I watched her she changed her voice is kinda more deeper
Rayna Random
Rayna Random 17 tundi tagasi
It’s because she lost her voice
Abrar Khan
Abrar Khan 3 päeva tagasi
everyone talking about azzy is sick me can anyone see how gergous this angel is like see her
Natphatasorn N.
Natphatasorn N. 4 päeva tagasi
Also u sound like my teacher
Natphatasorn N.
Natphatasorn N. 4 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: if u say fun fact everyone reads the comment lmao
sanchez061088 4 päeva tagasi
6:10 is deku shoes
AYZARAH WILLIAMS 4 päeva tagasi
I wish I was living that life because in 2029 I will be 19
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes 4 päeva tagasi
there is an app for finding you phone sadly you need to buy a ipod
Judi Dixon
Judi Dixon 4 päeva tagasi
Samuel Darby
Samuel Darby 4 päeva tagasi
Who thought that as his voice got less sweet yeah I’m not I’m not saying that her voice is squeaky I’m just saying do you know like a girls normal voice it will be like a little bit tiny squeaky like that
barish hamady
barish hamady 4 päeva tagasi
What happen to you're voice Azzy
jsimonian11 4 päeva tagasi
Me: Not knowing azzy is sick. When I realized: 6:58
Tiyona Roberts
Tiyona Roberts 4 päeva tagasi
Pink Eevee
Pink Eevee 4 päeva tagasi
What happened to your voice
Stine Bredesen
Stine Bredesen 4 päeva tagasi
Ar you sikk
Prune Layla
Prune Layla 4 päeva tagasi
theres an app for clear wallpaper
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 4 päeva tagasi
AZZY!!! How about if this video gets 300k likes you have to try the hacks!!! 😁😁😁
LightNight Games
LightNight Games 5 päeva tagasi
what happend to azzy's voice
Jackson Ross
Jackson Ross 5 päeva tagasi
HOl up is Covid gonna last 1000 years The thumbnail tho
next scgjk
next scgjk 5 päeva tagasi
Azzy you sound so different from when I watched you before it's scary btw lots of love I love your video's keep up the good work girl ❤💛💚💙💜💋
ava lee's adventures
ava lee's adventures 5 päeva tagasi
is she sick i dont know i had no time to watch azzy recently.
ZoetheZombie58 5 päeva tagasi
Bruh her sick voice sounds so cute wtf?!?! Mine sounds like a deformed cat wtf she’s so lucky ❤️
Roberto Bustamante
Roberto Bustamante 3 päeva tagasi
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ZoetheZombie58 5 päeva tagasi
Azzy, u good? Your voice sounds scratchy! Plz take care, ur the most wholesome and amazing person ever, I really hope ur alright! Stay safe!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Enrique Matuguina
Enrique Matuguina 2 päeva tagasi
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Selin Kao
Selin Kao 5 päeva tagasi
Are you sick if you hope you get better
Billie Eilish’s burrito
Billie Eilish’s burrito 5 päeva tagasi
Azzys voice sounds so different
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