Relatable TikToks That are 100% Accurate !

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Azzyland - Relatable TikToks That are 100% Accurate ! I relate to all these tiktoks so much! Which one makes you scream "Same!"? Don't forget to leave a like and check out more relatable tiktoks here:
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
The girl eating spicy food is my spirit animal
Julia Perez
Julia Perez Місяць tagasi
I will appreciate if you give me a shout out
eunice asiedu
eunice asiedu Місяць tagasi
I loved spicy food
D Sanchz
D Sanchz Місяць tagasi
hailee Fowler
hailee Fowler Місяць tagasi
Myleana Vlogs!!
Myleana Vlogs!! Місяць tagasi
Emma A
Emma A 11 tundi tagasi
The last one is so true I sent my teacher a 2 pharagraph long email because last time she said it was unprofessional and she sends me yes
Ryleigh Miller
Ryleigh Miller 22 tundi tagasi
taven is my friend TuT the kids at my school say we're bf and gf TuT
Saif A
Saif A Päev tagasi
No I don’t like stools
Emily Weekes
Emily Weekes Päev tagasi
I won’t say my besties name but I call them sushi 🍣
Aesthetic Royale's
Aesthetic Royale's 2 päeva tagasi
Parents driving: Hm I'll go :) My siblings driving: HMM I DONT FEEL LIKE DIENG TODAY BYEEEE
christo ungerer
christo ungerer 2 päeva tagasi
Tdethg g6gcb
mike davis
mike davis 2 päeva tagasi
Sᴇʟɪɴᴀ_ᴅᴏᴇs_ᴀʀᴛ. 2 päeva tagasi
Then in China everyone has an umbrella all the time they use it for the sun and rain😅
Knakendrah SMITH
Knakendrah SMITH 3 päeva tagasi
Kianna Contreras
Kianna Contreras 3 päeva tagasi
Sunflower 1234
StrqTom 3 päeva tagasi
I actually like stools because your more conscious of your back. It reminds me to fix my poster and not to rely on laying on my back every time I sit
Piglet gaming
Piglet gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Jorge Cosme
Jorge Cosme 4 päeva tagasi
0:35 *I already did UvU*
Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver 4 päeva tagasi
I have no friends :(
Selwyn Bale
Selwyn Bale 5 päeva tagasi
shut it shut it bio
shut it shut it bio 5 päeva tagasi
Marianna Meadows
Marianna Meadows 5 päeva tagasi
Andrew Santizo
Andrew Santizo 5 päeva tagasi
my best friend is Bella
Alessandra Navarro
Alessandra Navarro 5 päeva tagasi
You are my BFF
Mills Bubba
Mills Bubba 5 päeva tagasi
I am 12 but I do the 16
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau 5 päeva tagasi
69k likes lol
sabiha kamran
sabiha kamran 5 päeva tagasi
Love it very much
Em Hazeldean
Em Hazeldean 6 päeva tagasi
yes people do and i call them jelly legs!!!
Sha'Lay Johnson
Sha'Lay Johnson 6 päeva tagasi
my bff tessa and cuz it tete
Makenzie Burke
Makenzie Burke 6 päeva tagasi
Imogen York
Imogen York 6 päeva tagasi
Ummm I don't have no best friends I only have BFFs
Jayla paper Squishy R
Jayla paper Squishy R 6 päeva tagasi
My best friend Channel is @Bubblex tea
The Unicorny Maddie
The Unicorny Maddie 6 päeva tagasi
azzy i'm sorry but i'm only a friend
조미은 6 päeva tagasi
Best friends are Julie Julia and Adela
Rida Mirza
Rida Mirza 7 päeva tagasi
Lol the tidying the room is soooooo relatable 😭😭😭😭
Emily Lucas
Emily Lucas 7 päeva tagasi
I left lettuce in the fridge so long that is fermented.
Stephen Marr
Stephen Marr 7 päeva tagasi
Jelly legs my friends always do that
Lar Tue
Lar Tue 7 päeva tagasi
69k here
norma chaparro
norma chaparro 7 päeva tagasi
U are my beat friend:)
Keisha's Beauty
Keisha's Beauty 7 päeva tagasi
theres 69k likes.....
Marla Smith
Marla Smith 7 päeva tagasi
And best best friends are already subscribed
Ariel Wang
Ariel Wang 7 päeva tagasi
This girl is *G* Generous *L* Lovely *O* On a scale of 1 - 10 she’s 11 *O* Odd (in the best way) *M* Meaningful The other girl *A* Amazing *Z* Zingy *Z* Zippy *Y* Young *L* Loved *A* Awesome *N* Nice *D* Dashing (Not my comment) Credit to Mimi2exe on the video *Google autocompleted is messed up /w AzzyLand
Jocelyn Rivera
Jocelyn Rivera 8 päeva tagasi
I'm 10 I wake up at 3 to watch AZZY
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 8 päeva tagasi
My best friends name is Izabella she moved to B.C
Sarina Lockhart
Sarina Lockhart 8 päeva tagasi
Natalie she my bfff stands for best female friends for life
Elizabeth Yates
Elizabeth Yates 8 päeva tagasi
I have no friends.I watch your vids because im alone T-T
Mabel Ferry
Mabel Ferry 8 päeva tagasi
Love it
Kara Gulley
Kara Gulley 8 päeva tagasi
Ava mai is my bff
Brielle Rose
Brielle Rose 8 päeva tagasi
One time someone hit me in the back of my knee and i fell over. Now i have a permanant limp
Emma Garza
Emma Garza 8 päeva tagasi
Susana the bestest bff ever
Coralie Kashtock
Coralie Kashtock 8 päeva tagasi
i mean i dont like stolls i like stools wiht baks a k a chars ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Goowygirlgamer YT
Goowygirlgamer YT 8 päeva tagasi
0:14 Me: guess I’m not no ones friend how can you laugh when someone’s hurt?! Well should of guessed that I don’t have friends
Coralie Kashtock
Coralie Kashtock 8 päeva tagasi
************** is my fernd im not telling you
Happy Marley S
Happy Marley S 8 päeva tagasi
My bff has been with me for a year. We do online school at her home. She is kind, sweet, and caring! SHE also has a little sis who is amazing as well. We are moving to in person school for 5th grade. A big change but hopefully we get to spend it together! ☺
blackbird 8 päeva tagasi
At 2.10 i was brushing my teeth 😬 she was acting like she was a dentist bruh
Trevor Rodgers-Gray
Trevor Rodgers-Gray 8 päeva tagasi
Lizwelam Payi
Lizwelam Payi 8 päeva tagasi
hi siba
Josslynn White
Josslynn White 8 päeva tagasi
Allie and Natalie
Dark_Love 8 päeva tagasi
My brother kicked the back of my knee and the back of my knee is my weak point
Ray Of Sunshine
Ray Of Sunshine 8 päeva tagasi
Shelina and lizzie
demigod quests
demigod quests 8 päeva tagasi
AvaGrandee 9 päeva tagasi
My best friend is @Pink Roses
KᗩᒪᒪY KᗩT
KᗩᒪᒪY KᗩT 9 päeva tagasi
Jolie is best friend
Jalena Begay
Jalena Begay 9 päeva tagasi
I'm best freind
DeathBug9976 9 päeva tagasi
my "friend" kicked my legs. while i was standing on footpath.
Caylee Perkins
Caylee Perkins 9 päeva tagasi
The some times I think and some times I don’t that is me all the time lol
Tom Rod
Tom Rod 9 päeva tagasi
You are my best friend.
Alanna Blu
Alanna Blu 9 päeva tagasi
Tilly Nicholson
Tilly Nicholson 9 päeva tagasi
my best friendie is called thea stevans
Alice The Malice
Alice The Malice 10 päeva tagasi
My best friend is my bed
Rainbowloki 7104
Rainbowloki 7104 10 päeva tagasi
Whatching the 3rd Tik tok while going to the dentist tomorrow
RaeLynn Quinto
RaeLynn Quinto 10 päeva tagasi
*friend crys* *me hugs them* *bestfriend crys* *Me starts to cry with them*
Cloudy Kaylee
Cloudy Kaylee 10 päeva tagasi
I can’t use stools! My rib hurts when I do because I have an out rib..
Elizabeth Grambo
Elizabeth Grambo 10 päeva tagasi
Mah bff you know who you are!
Graham Spurgeon
Graham Spurgeon 10 päeva tagasi
Hi I’m Adeline and my best is called Izzy
Olha Kanitska
Olha Kanitska 10 päeva tagasi
Omg the room one sooooo relatable
Jaidyn Wenzel
Jaidyn Wenzel 10 päeva tagasi
my best friend is azzy she makes me laugh when im sad when im grumpy (that alot lol)
Reina Sandoval
Reina Sandoval 10 päeva tagasi
I’m embarrassed by everything too idk why :(
CAMBREE STUART 10 päeva tagasi
My bff’s and I would be all of the best friend things because well I fall all the fricken time and they laughed but know I fall down a flight of stairs they aren’t surprised anymore because the keep on telling me that it's been happening for 2years now
Iguana 10 päeva tagasi
Leena anniversary Megan abi all my BFF Annie
Elenoa North
Elenoa North 11 päeva tagasi
Brihanna Guzman
Brihanna Guzman 11 päeva tagasi
The avengers is me
Kendra Garrick
Kendra Garrick 11 päeva tagasi
I have four Best friends Maya,Miranda,Avery and Kira
Mark Waddell
Mark Waddell 11 päeva tagasi
I did nether
The Flame
The Flame 11 päeva tagasi
My best friend name is brooks and I call his mom by her real name and instead of knocking I just walk in!
Brandon Lyter
Brandon Lyter 11 päeva tagasi
I would do the best friend to my best friend and friend edit: sorry my phone Is weird
Arya Duru Gundogar
Arya Duru Gundogar 11 päeva tagasi
Cady is my best friends nick name I don’t wanna say her real name
RandomRover 12 päeva tagasi
1:44 Azzy says that there's no one on the road and a car drives past.
Madison Lawrence
Madison Lawrence 12 päeva tagasi
My best freind is the best
Keeva Krahl
Keeva Krahl 12 päeva tagasi
Ok azzy ill fight u wanna hm hm
Killerdriller234 Die
Killerdriller234 Die 12 päeva tagasi
My friend Raia
Derick Iwuchukwu
Derick Iwuchukwu 12 päeva tagasi
the 20 year old is my spirit person
Sabrina Hazen
Sabrina Hazen 13 päeva tagasi
Bethany oster
Brooke Bender
Brooke Bender 13 päeva tagasi
i have been subbed for oh wait its my 1 year azzyland subscriber anniversary
Enderscape 2.0
Enderscape 2.0 13 päeva tagasi
Lucas is me best friend
AshNotFound 13 päeva tagasi
i was thinking about the stools tiktok yesterday in science class LMAO
AmberStar 14 päeva tagasi
@Emma @Holly
Eli :3
Eli :3 14 päeva tagasi
Thumbnail: Watching tik tok at 3 am Me: Watching this at 3 am
PizzaCrust 14 päeva tagasi
My best friend is my friend Coltrane
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin 14 päeva tagasi
Deck doesn’t sound like a word now
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin 14 päeva tagasi
All my friends are my best friends!
Mercy Valencia
Mercy Valencia 14 päeva tagasi
Azzy you should do biggest fashion fails of all time
Christmas _fox- MARY CHRISTMAS!
Christmas _fox- MARY CHRISTMAS! 14 päeva tagasi
dead jokes are funny ok! me: my pet dog died! my teacher: yeah, hehe they do that
The Doctor 7110
The Doctor 7110 14 päeva tagasi
I eat spicy food like it's a cookie
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