Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places !

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Azzyland - Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places ! Sometimes I misplace things and they end up in the strangest places but this is a whole different level. Don't forget to leave a like and let me know which part of the video was your favorite!
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AzzyLand 25 päeva tagasi
What was the craziest thing you’ve ever lost?
setuporg 6 päeva tagasi
7,000 gold
Alexa Robloxplayer
Alexa Robloxplayer 6 päeva tagasi
Air Pods pro
Kylee Priest
Kylee Priest 17 päeva tagasi
I lost A snake in my walls once. No twice srry and are u sick?
Dixie Irish
Dixie Irish 25 päeva tagasi
Blackberry Sticker
Blackberry Sticker 25 päeva tagasi
EvErYtHiNg :,)
Ade Wuisan
Ade Wuisan 19 minutit tagasi
her voicee
Morgan Otto
Morgan Otto 4 tundi tagasi
Athirah Nabilah
Athirah Nabilah 5 tundi tagasi
0:43 Azzy : " Why is there frogs in your toilet?" Me: "oh wait that's frogs? I thought it was uhm.. Y'know-"
Rose de Unicorn
Rose de Unicorn 6 tundi tagasi
Is it just me, or is Azzy’s voice so pretty right now!
Rose de Unicorn
Rose de Unicorn 6 tundi tagasi
I sit just me, or did any lose her voice in this video?
Constitutional Movement
Constitutional Movement 9 tundi tagasi
Azzy, pls take a break. You must take care of yourself! We care!
Roya's & Mina's Great Adventures
Roya's & Mina's Great Adventures 10 tundi tagasi
Pickles are fruit!!!!
CJ 10 tundi tagasi
I clicked on this because the thumbnail reminds me of the movie of the girl who is sick and fell in a tree. If anyone knows what it’s called let me know
Jim Boger
Jim Boger 11 tundi tagasi
AFK Gamers
AFK Gamers 12 tundi tagasi
i love this channle so muuuch
Zoe Alexander
Zoe Alexander 13 tundi tagasi
i absulutely LOVE watching azzy but i havent in a long time...suddenly azzy seems like her voice is changing and you guys are saying she NEEDS a break. can someone PLEASE tell me what is going on whith azzy?
CalipsoFlower 14 tundi tagasi
All of my family live in Florida and i have never seen a wild crock in my life. In fact, they are very very dangerous
{Cherry}{blossom} HaruKunIsTheBest
{Cherry}{blossom} HaruKunIsTheBest 14 tundi tagasi
Azzy.... Azzy azzy azzy.... IF UR SICK STAAAAAAY INNN BEEEEED GURL :< but I appreciate it
Paul MacWilliams
Paul MacWilliams 15 tundi tagasi
Life with Lanie
Life with Lanie 15 tundi tagasi
Hope you feel better
stephanie wessels
stephanie wessels 16 tundi tagasi
Are you OK are you sick
Lari Plays
Lari Plays 17 tundi tagasi
5:41 THE EXACT ONE I gave my dad for his B-Day xD
•89• •Dead• •Cities•
•89• •Dead• •Cities• 19 tundi tagasi
im scared
Gasha Lucas
Gasha Lucas 22 tundi tagasi
She's voice😭😭😭😭✋
aulia geming pro and noob
aulia geming pro and noob 22 tundi tagasi
Vukani Ntuli
Vukani Ntuli 22 tundi tagasi
are you ok azzy are you sick
tony rodgers
tony rodgers 22 tundi tagasi
Anything that has seeds in it is a fruit and cucumbers have seeds in it so that is a fruit and pickles are made from cucumbers
Parkour kid
Parkour kid 23 tundi tagasi
That’s in the outback of Australia that’s rude
Blood Sucker
Blood Sucker Päev tagasi
I’m in Australia and in the public restrooms there are NO frogs
u know that pen with the dimond on it well... my sis has that SAME pen xp
kittyheadphones6 Päev tagasi
Her voice sounds like my classmate
Alekzander Ayala
Alekzander Ayala Päev tagasi
Alekzander Ayala
Alekzander Ayala Päev tagasi
Why does ur voice sound like that
J R Päev tagasi
My mom has that same pen but it's in purple lol! 🤣
It's Frida
It's Frida Päev tagasi
Azzy u good? I like ur new voice!
Maddie McGuire
Maddie McGuire Päev tagasi
Once we had a huge tode in our toiler
Estela Meraz
Estela Meraz Päev tagasi
Oo tat 🐈
Angelica Shea
Angelica Shea Päev tagasi
Azure your voice changed!
Bella Benedict
Bella Benedict Päev tagasi
Azzy: so that’s where Bruno when Me: that be mah dogs name
Amanda Whiteside
Amanda Whiteside Päev tagasi
Are you sick 🤒
Just the trash fox
Just the trash fox Päev tagasi
You ok your voice sounds different
Ling Ling Zhang
Ling Ling Zhang Päev tagasi
Jackeline Aguilar
Jackeline Aguilar Päev tagasi
why u wake up meh crab...
Mika-Chan Päev tagasi
I left for a year and I have finally found her
Sherrelle Kathryn Lindsey
Sherrelle Kathryn Lindsey Päev tagasi
Azzy, please take a break if you need to, we care about your personal health! Your voice has been gone for so long!! Please take a break so it can get better!
{Bøbä * Bêär}
{Bøbä * Bêär} Päev tagasi
Why do Americans always make fun of aussies!!!!!!!😡
The Baby Beluga
The Baby Beluga 2 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched a video for a year now I HAVE SO MUCH TO WATCH
Othermotherbuttoneyes 2 päeva tagasi
My dog ya I know she’s crazy
Rennie Remon
Rennie Remon 2 päeva tagasi
Like it's quiet
Rennie Remon
Rennie Remon 2 päeva tagasi
Why does ur voice sound like ur sick
Ryan Bartley
Ryan Bartley 2 päeva tagasi
Azzy you poor voice so bumpy and scratchy and it's super bad
Beki Uchtman
Beki Uchtman 2 päeva tagasi
Baby animals make my face melt
Night Sky
Night Sky 2 päeva tagasi
11:50 I Have that PEN! I bought it in asda for like £1.50..
Aishath Leah
Aishath Leah 2 päeva tagasi
azzy's voice is breaking sooooo bad omg i love it XD
Shanty Galindo
Shanty Galindo 2 päeva tagasi
just saying the bathroom hase non fresh water because its brown and yellow with frogs they dont have a lot uf fresh water so yeah.
B.A.V.S 2 päeva tagasi
I have 2 of those diamond pens
T Dav
T Dav 2 päeva tagasi
Something is wrong with your voice
Rachel Hernandez
Rachel Hernandez 2 päeva tagasi
Azzy your voice is like ummmmmmmmm idk but it's like Diap
Randy Grose
Randy Grose 2 päeva tagasi
5:18 She broke meh ears
Gabriella Chavez
Gabriella Chavez 2 päeva tagasi
Is you voice ok???
daryl garcia
daryl garcia 2 päeva tagasi
azzyland i love you
Manisha Verma
Manisha Verma 2 päeva tagasi
What happened to your voice Azzy? I loved it (i haven't really been watching your videos so i dont know what happened :/ )
William Howard
William Howard 3 päeva tagasi
I live in Australia toilets are not like that
Drawing Squad
Drawing Squad 3 päeva tagasi
are you okay?
Drawing Squad
Drawing Squad 3 päeva tagasi
Azzy you sounded weird
Elizabeth Grambo
Elizabeth Grambo 3 päeva tagasi
But in all seriousness, Azzy, do you need a throat lozenge? You sound super hoarse.
Elizabeth Grambo
Elizabeth Grambo 3 päeva tagasi
The craziest thing I’ve ever lost is my sanity. I’m putting up missing posters. Please contact me if you have any information on where my sanity could be.
Veronica Ramirez
Veronica Ramirez 3 päeva tagasi
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell 3 päeva tagasi
Did you know a racoon can fit in an 8inch hole that meeeeaaaaans...
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell 3 päeva tagasi
Why do i love that voice like put this in an ASMR vid i'd fall asleep
Rachel Winch
Rachel Winch 3 päeva tagasi
not True
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix 3 päeva tagasi
What’s wrong with you voice
Pinkie Pie Fan Mmmm
Pinkie Pie Fan Mmmm 3 päeva tagasi
I’ve never seen frogs in the toilet 🚽
Leeanne Dickson
Leeanne Dickson 3 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched this channel for a long time so I need to play a bit of catch up so why does azzy sound so sick are you okey?
Peyton Graham
Peyton Graham 3 päeva tagasi
i meannnn my mom once found a pen in her sandwitch from a resturant sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo idk how
Kaitlyn Baubie
Kaitlyn Baubie 3 päeva tagasi
that pen (in the video), my mom bought me one of them so they must have put that pen there
Kristin Cannon
Kristin Cannon 3 päeva tagasi
I will Always watch your shows
Shantal Pizana
Shantal Pizana 3 päeva tagasi
Azzy what happened to your voice
Jollyjar WAFFLES
Jollyjar WAFFLES 3 päeva tagasi
Poor cat in a wall
clarissa shaffer
clarissa shaffer 3 päeva tagasi
Pickles are cucumbers and cucumbers are fruits
wolf pack
wolf pack 3 päeva tagasi
Why is your voice like dry
Oh oh
Oh oh 3 päeva tagasi
The toca bell part tho 😭✋ and i was just eating toca bell
DUMB JOKES 3 päeva tagasi
What the dude azzy your voice has changed soooo much
Emma Fothergill
Emma Fothergill 3 päeva tagasi
0:55 oh my gosh i thought that was poo-
Nina Sicchitano
Nina Sicchitano 3 päeva tagasi
The 1970’s coin is a novice trick, my dad is a magician and he has one.
Manar Mosleh
Manar Mosleh Päev tagasi
Dats da coolest job so lucky bet u have a cool dad
Tithi Prajapati
Tithi Prajapati 3 päeva tagasi
What’s wrong with ur voice Azzy? 🥺 are u ok?
Destiny Lansford
Destiny Lansford 3 päeva tagasi
Yea we see crocs all the time
saffinah a kid Mahmood
saffinah a kid Mahmood 3 päeva tagasi
Your throat sounds a bit sore
Gabriel Medrano
Gabriel Medrano 3 päeva tagasi
Discussing I hate frogs
rosa klein
rosa klein 3 päeva tagasi
You can just buy those pens at the action
Alexia Hernández
Alexia Hernández 3 päeva tagasi
I stop whahting but i stil loveeee your vodos but what happend to your vosie
Marilyn Stanger
Marilyn Stanger 3 päeva tagasi
sallie floyd
sallie floyd 3 päeva tagasi
I did dance yo that there was a camera in
Emily Davies
Emily Davies 3 päeva tagasi
Azzy sounds weird does she have a cold i not jujing
B-Kae Duncan
B-Kae Duncan 3 päeva tagasi
the girl with the bug in her ear is funny
McGaghey 4
McGaghey 4 3 päeva tagasi
i got a ticbite stack in my ear
pauloannequiambao 3 päeva tagasi
I'm just gonna say did you break on kwebblewkop or she break on you?
Nicole Jackel
Nicole Jackel 4 päeva tagasi
Our toilets aren't actually full of frogs
Brida Talavera
Brida Talavera 4 päeva tagasi
Maddyson-Lee Natt
Maddyson-Lee Natt 4 päeva tagasi
My mum got a spider in her 👂 and it bite her 3 times
Maddyson-Lee Natt
Maddyson-Lee Natt 4 päeva tagasi
Ehem where do you think I live... Answer: Australia! But I for give you🙂
Cousin _YT
Cousin _YT 4 päeva tagasi
I had a fly fly in my ear two times I guess that’s why Their called flies they fly in your ear lol
Cousin _YT
Cousin _YT 4 päeva tagasi
That only happened in the country with the frogs
Cherese Ross
Cherese Ross 4 päeva tagasi
You sound like Evie from descendants
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