Students Who Beat the System !

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Azzyland - Students Who Beat the System ! School has a lot of rules! But these students really know how to bend them. Which was your favorite? Let me know and don't forget to leave a like!
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AzzyLand 17 päeva tagasi
Tell me how you beat the system?? ❤️
Mariska Duffy
Mariska Duffy 14 tundi tagasi
I have a friend that is like this, and I think that he when most likely be smart mouthing off to the police, but in a funny way.
Mariska Duffy
Mariska Duffy 14 tundi tagasi
Can you do a video with Collins Key in the future?
Mariska Duffy
Mariska Duffy 14 tundi tagasi
I love you azzy. You make me feel so good about myself, just like Collins Key. You make me feel brave and when you tell me that you love me for who I am it makes me so happy.
Mariska Duffy
Mariska Duffy 14 tundi tagasi
By living
Sreelatha reddy
Sreelatha reddy 3 päeva tagasi
U r the best female youtuber of all time
Anaaya VATS
Anaaya VATS 3 tundi tagasi
My parents said I can't use my phone till next month but tomorrow was the first day of April 😂😂😂
leeanna fitzgerald
leeanna fitzgerald Päev tagasi
azzy your voice changed, why?
Asraful Islam
Asraful Islam Päev tagasi
What the heck the end was sad...... it just stopped with a goodbye...
MeowMeow 2 päeva tagasi
Azzy who is your favorite tiktoker
Hanna .k
Hanna .k 2 päeva tagasi
Me: saving chocolate chips for blooms video Chocolate chips : eat me Me: ok Five minutes later Packet : no mate from me in the bin
Sreelatha reddy
Sreelatha reddy 3 päeva tagasi
U will hit 15 mil very very soooooon
Eden 3 päeva tagasi
I sewed buttons on my teachers eyes end killed her
Gianna Duarte
Gianna Duarte 3 päeva tagasi
I love your videos
Inquisitor Miraculous
Inquisitor Miraculous 3 päeva tagasi
When it was my teachers bday I was the only one who remember and gave him a card
Mir Me1233
Mir Me1233 3 päeva tagasi
When your best friend you can communicate with your eyes with your hands or just staring
zeraora 4 päeva tagasi
KFt kantuki fryd torchick
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny 4 päeva tagasi
Azzy: give ur teachers some love Me watching this in school holiday
Berto Animated
Berto Animated 4 päeva tagasi
I remember that I uses to help our math teacher grade homework because she was pregontr and it got me out of typing class
Pey z
Pey z 4 päeva tagasi
Azzy you are great, You are loved by lots of viewers, You are appreciated, you are blessed, and you must have a great life even when it is tough! Because we are here for you 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💙💜❤️
Asha A
Asha A 4 päeva tagasi
she looks a mess
Queen_Cutie pie
Queen_Cutie pie 5 päeva tagasi
its the fact that guy called his teacher bro for me XD
Bebo Chohan
Bebo Chohan 6 päeva tagasi
Azzy are u sick cuz ur voice is sounding like that
Kerianna BeamonNewman
Kerianna BeamonNewman 6 päeva tagasi
Azzy do you have a cold
• Possesed Toast •
• Possesed Toast • 6 päeva tagasi
Can we appreciate the fact that even though Azzy lost her voice, she still uploads? This is what you call a true friend 🥺💖
santosh rahane
santosh rahane 2 päeva tagasi
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Gray 6 päeva tagasi
gorl why are you outside
Anastasia B.
Anastasia B. 6 päeva tagasi
There were actually these two girls in my class that were besties, but the teacher always moved them away from each other. So they literally learned sign language so they could talk in class. I knew sign language so I was just sitting back like, omg, so much effort just to talk, everyone knows you have to pull an office and learn Morse code.
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato 7 päeva tagasi
The kid who makes fun of me at my school for being a nerd failed kindergarten at his old school
physically injured
physically injured 7 päeva tagasi
azzy so i was in school And my backpack slid across the wall when i had it on and it decided to put off the fire alarm and there was just this fire alarm in the 3rd grade hallway ringing
Lunabelle Moreira
Lunabelle Moreira 7 päeva tagasi
I- azzy is ur voice ok u sound sick. (It sounds like I know her or something lol)
Phoebe Mae Worton
Phoebe Mae Worton 7 päeva tagasi
R u and gloom still friends. Not seen u two together or anything recently
afton fan Finch
afton fan Finch 7 päeva tagasi
Poor azzy...
it's kia kelli
it's kia kelli 7 päeva tagasi
YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS so y,know how she said imagine if you got put next to your crush what would you do wwwwwwweeeeeeellllllllllllllll there's this person in my class that has a crush on me and I like them I think anyway guess what happened we got sat next to each other with my other crush behind me.
Siena F.
Siena F. 7 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who thought her background was a green screen Then realized she was outside?
lol I'm Mia
lol I'm Mia 7 päeva tagasi
•Lily ?•
•Lily ?• 7 päeva tagasi
So I learned (some) sign language over quarantine and I taught my friend the alphabet and some common words/phrases so now we use it when we don’t want others to hear what we’re saying. We fill words we don’t know by spelling them 😅 it sucks that she’s not in my grade so it wouldn’t work for across the classroom
Go Random Dude
Go Random Dude 7 päeva tagasi
Is your voice ok?
xX_ysa_Xx 7 päeva tagasi
Kids team name: sofa king Bbh/ badboyhalo:sofa king Me realizing they watch dream smp: 👁👄👁
xX_ysa_Xx 7 päeva tagasi
Hey Bbh said that sofa king
Lexi Hotcoco
Lexi Hotcoco 8 päeva tagasi
*Wind picks up* Azzy- am i in danger Me- I’m just south off a terrible cyclone which has killed people I think you’ll be ok
Lynalyn scamander
Lynalyn scamander 8 päeva tagasi
4:11 for all the Harry Potter fans
LPSslover 64
LPSslover 64 8 päeva tagasi
My brothers friend lives in a old school 😂
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 8 päeva tagasi
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 8 päeva tagasi
Ifrah Mohamed
Ifrah Mohamed 8 päeva tagasi
Fr I was put next to my crush and everyone shipped us together but I denied it and also my friend liked him and she still shipped us and the last day of school my teacher called us love birds I was going to pass out!!!
Gacha club Scarlett Rules
Gacha club Scarlett Rules 8 päeva tagasi
Your voice is getting better
Your Med Guy
Your Med Guy 9 päeva tagasi
As a youtuber I always woke up with enthusiasm but after watching my analytics it feels to me just quit it. Really the saddest part of being a small youtuber
XxGacha CupidxX
XxGacha CupidxX 9 päeva tagasi
When ur teacher takes 3seconds to check our work but takes 1week to grade homework
Amelia Santini
Amelia Santini 9 päeva tagasi
Your outside because ita warm and had to get outside, I would do that
Iguana 9 päeva tagasi
Can We Just Appreciate When Azzy Sick She Still Makes Videos It’s So Sweet
jeti 1234
jeti 1234 9 päeva tagasi
Are you okay? Your voice sonds weird...
Wolf Alpha
Wolf Alpha 9 päeva tagasi
When two people have a crush on each other right next to each other on this seating chart my teacher knows I have a crush and he said someone seed away from me
Hazel-Alice Zellner
Hazel-Alice Zellner 9 päeva tagasi
1:08 how is that relatable in school there's this kid i like and I have to sit right next to him
It Is Called Life
It Is Called Life 9 päeva tagasi
Ok I have to say something my teacher said it was so funny so we didn’t get a coin for lunch and our teacher said why didn’t you all get a coin don’t you want to have a party after school my friend said does our teacher want us to spend her money 😂
Alondra Ortiz
Alondra Ortiz 9 päeva tagasi
Dragon City not so pro
Dragon City not so pro 9 päeva tagasi
Azzys voice has changed or she got strep throat
Lily Paradeaux
Lily Paradeaux 9 päeva tagasi
Your voice is so different I lovvveeee ittt!
Shelby-rose Goodwin
Shelby-rose Goodwin 9 päeva tagasi
At 4:22 i love azzy and her vids soooooo much but can this one video focus on, azzy edited professor snape from harry potter in, his my fav character, lets take two minutes to remember alan rickman aka proffessor snape, u will always be in our hearts ❤😭
sydnee bischoff
sydnee bischoff 10 päeva tagasi
I swear my teacher be putting me and my crush right next to each other too
Amy Hunter, cats and art
Amy Hunter, cats and art 9 päeva tagasi
CampbellClan Animates
CampbellClan Animates 10 päeva tagasi
Me when my bestie is me, myself and I.
Olivia Benner
Olivia Benner 10 päeva tagasi
the man just walking in the background at 7 minutes and 18 seconds in lol
• J A Y •
• J A Y • 10 päeva tagasi
I was on a different video and saw the thumbnail then took a second look and realised it was azzy 😂 I have not watched your videos in a while..
merius norius
merius norius 10 päeva tagasi
Why are you outside?
Wolfy Teach
Wolfy Teach 10 päeva tagasi
When u we’re talking bout the fire alarm I remember on my first few days of secondary school some kid pulled the fire alarm 3 times (yea I also got in a fight in school ;-;)
IdioticMariana 10 päeva tagasi
I go to school irl
•S T A R• •L I G H T•
•S T A R• •L I G H T• 10 päeva tagasi
Not Allowed To Wear Shorts..
Emerald Smith
Emerald Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Love the scenery
Emily Renee
Emily Renee 11 päeva tagasi
those students who have sass are right here watching videos on EEpost and your reading on of there comments :D
Alex Zang
Alex Zang 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy is your voice ok? 😅❤️
Olivia Freeman
Olivia Freeman 11 päeva tagasi
When I was little I was always sassy but now I’ve gotten more mature and I don’t have a teacher who would call me out in front of everyone now
Alicia ML
Alicia ML 11 päeva tagasi
I sit next to my crush and i have for the whole grade
•Korani• 11 päeva tagasi
Yes that teacher omg
Dexter Tuazon
Dexter Tuazon 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy where are outside that you don’t need to wear a mask
Sara Fox
Sara Fox 11 päeva tagasi
Me and my bestie talk with our eyes and always literally understand eachother ( we always jinx eachother )
gramcracker 11 päeva tagasi
My best friend was in the seat right in front of me before but she moved but when she sat in front of me the only thing I had to do is annoying the death out of her by kicking her seat to get her attention
Isabella Wright
Isabella Wright 11 päeva tagasi
At 2:16 is literally how the whole of my grade acted at camp when we had a Assembly. All the teachers where straight up shocked-
UltraWeeb 11 päeva tagasi
I think Azzy should take a break from uploading to recover her voice
Aesthetic oceans
Aesthetic oceans 11 päeva tagasi
I beat the system by beating the system
Professor McGonagall
Professor McGonagall 11 päeva tagasi
what happened to your voice? how did you lose it? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTONS!!!
jore kint
jore kint 11 päeva tagasi
U sound like u are sick
crazytown USA
crazytown USA 11 päeva tagasi
I hope my teacher is not mean, she's my mother.
Sarah Loughran
Sarah Loughran 11 päeva tagasi
Sofa king???
Haneen Saymeh
Haneen Saymeh 11 päeva tagasi
Azzy didnt say her outro is something wrong ?? call 911
Anna Howell
Anna Howell 11 päeva tagasi
I don’t understand the sofa king one?
Mahra Alkhoori
Mahra Alkhoori 11 päeva tagasi
I don’t know why but I like this azzy voice better
xXcrazy cloudiXx
xXcrazy cloudiXx 11 päeva tagasi
Love your outro btw
Jess&Rosie DailyVideos
Jess&Rosie DailyVideos 11 päeva tagasi
Me and bsf talked with our eyes so they moved me to a different form permanently
Halo Maxon
Halo Maxon 11 päeva tagasi
Are you ok your voice sounds like your sick
Aiden K
Aiden K 11 päeva tagasi
The sirens at the start when the kid waked into class late was perfect!
The Welsh Sisters
The Welsh Sisters 11 päeva tagasi
azzy why are you outside and where are you
Savanna Ratliff
Savanna Ratliff 11 päeva tagasi
i beat the system by when my mom toled me not to tack a step out of my room in stend i put the reast of my body ont but not my feet.
Megan_McD 11 päeva tagasi
is anyone else wondering what the sofa king joke was coz azzy talked over it?
Ellie Levonna
Ellie Levonna 11 päeva tagasi
I miss her videos
Rose Stone
Rose Stone 11 päeva tagasi
No I told my teacher who my friend had a crush and she put me next to my friends crush I'm so sad 😭
Sarah Yinusa
Sarah Yinusa 11 päeva tagasi
Can people just appreciate that even if azzy lost her voice she still uploads to make us entertained
Loretta Murrietta
Loretta Murrietta 12 päeva tagasi
Oh my God I last watch u 2 years ago and I forget all about u but I remember you and know u have changed your voice 🥺
Eve Grey {Gacha L&C}
Eve Grey {Gacha L&C} 12 päeva tagasi
The homework sucks I hate it I hate school I hate everything (to do with school) I only love Azzy😂💖
Thatoneanoyyinggurl 12 päeva tagasi
It was stressful sitting next to my crush it was a full time job
Nickolas Henning
Nickolas Henning 12 päeva tagasi
Your voice Azzy love your videos so much❤️
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 12 päeva tagasi
Azzy- dear your voice- I hope you feel better in these 5days-
bradstersd Dino chicken nuggets
bradstersd Dino chicken nuggets 12 päeva tagasi
Ok she needs to take a break from youtube she's starting to lose her voice
Twixx Lunari
Twixx Lunari 12 päeva tagasi
Why can I still hear talking Because you have ears OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH
Remesha Gill
Remesha Gill 12 päeva tagasi
Your voice sounds a little different
Ree Smith
Ree Smith 12 päeva tagasi
I sit nenext to my crush
Camila Ortega
Camila Ortega 12 päeva tagasi
Why are teachers expected to teach one subject but student are expected to learn all subjects.
Amazing background azzy!
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