The LUCKIEST PEOPLE in the World !

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Azzyland - The LUCKIEST PEOPLE in the World ! Some people are born lucky and the rest of us just have really lucky moments! Some of these moments are really unbelievable. Let me know which moment was your favorite!
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
I’m the luckiest person in the world (spoiler alert) cuz I have you guys!! ❤️
Qammer Khan
Qammer Khan 9 päeva tagasi
Ya you LUCKY to have me LOL. It was s joke didn't mean IT Btw I love vids
Taylor Butler
Taylor Butler 9 päeva tagasi
Hi I am a big fan and I watch your videos every day
Fun friends Forever
Fun friends Forever 12 päeva tagasi
Fun friends Forever
Fun friends Forever 12 päeva tagasi
Eive Senayh
Eive Senayh 15 päeva tagasi
Pls reply
Kinleigh Suggs
Kinleigh Suggs 4 päeva tagasi
Kalei Sharp
Kalei Sharp 4 päeva tagasi
try drinking some water are rest ur voice if u keep talking ur voice is going to get worse
Psycle Junky
Psycle Junky 5 päeva tagasi
Aw thanks
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
Azzy You sound like JoJo Siwa with the voice but your voice is going away though I’m surprised though can you make a video with keys Cassie no key is Cassie no I meant Cassie
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
Poor azzy
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
You’re voice is gone 🙀
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
Bye the way I’m 9
Baby Amari
Baby Amari 6 päeva tagasi
Aww thanks Azzyland
Leah Munguia
Leah Munguia 6 päeva tagasi
I hope your voice gets better
loke leirball
loke leirball 7 päeva tagasi
you sound sick
Subaytah Waniya
Subaytah Waniya 8 päeva tagasi
Poor azzy:(
Munachi Akunna
Munachi Akunna 8 päeva tagasi
Hope you get your voice
Munachi Akunna
Munachi Akunna 8 päeva tagasi
Take some medicine
Maddy's Time - Roblox
Maddy's Time - Roblox 8 päeva tagasi
Apparently she got her voice back 37k times. :)
J. Hall
J. Hall 8 päeva tagasi
Jess Deighton
Jess Deighton 9 päeva tagasi
azzy i ceap wanting to play something and go of your channle but i cant you are too good of a youtuber
Qammer Khan
Qammer Khan 9 päeva tagasi
Azzy lost her voice but she didn't lost her *WOAH* voice LOL. If you want to hear when she says woah then wait for 1:34
Just_fin 9 päeva tagasi
Does any body notice how she is always in a different set or setting or place does she just have a million houses or a good realistic green screen
Noblenika 10 päeva tagasi
Azzy’s voice is so pretty!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
Helena Osmak (ARTIS Student)
Helena Osmak (ARTIS Student) 11 päeva tagasi
I’m also lucky today I was looking for my dog for five hours and it looks like she was stuck in someone’s else’s garden and couldn’t get out and a woman a jogging and she helped me🥺
lacey brooks
lacey brooks 12 päeva tagasi
Brionie Allpici
Brionie Allpici 12 päeva tagasi
Get better soon
xXx_ALA_Gaming_xXx Bruh
xXx_ALA_Gaming_xXx Bruh 12 päeva tagasi
Everyone else saying about azzy’s voice (it’s so cute and I feel bad) but I’m over here thinking I’m lucky my jaw haven’t broke yet!
Maya Bauer
Maya Bauer 12 päeva tagasi
I was lucky when I was in the front seat and got in a car crash but all of us were luckily ok!!!!!!!
Caitlin Faith
Caitlin Faith 15 päeva tagasi
I thought i clicked in the wrong girl’s cideo because of the voice but nvm
Ava Boroi
Ava Boroi 15 päeva tagasi
Lol Azzy u Sound different but you look in the same like WHA?!??!?!?!?!!?
Jiří Bestahovsky
Jiří Bestahovsky 16 päeva tagasi
Jiří Bestahovsky
Jiří Bestahovsky 16 päeva tagasi
Až za what hapon to your vouys
Vercii Reed
Vercii Reed 17 päeva tagasi
The guy that got his gf a shake and fries looks like my dad
Celine Stephanie yang
Celine Stephanie yang 17 päeva tagasi
Accualy your voice fits you ❤️👍🏻🙏🎉😀😎
Zipperhead3213 Smudge
Zipperhead3213 Smudge 18 päeva tagasi
My favorite starburst are lemon and orange! 😋 I'm the odd one of the bunch I bunch
Sophia Mischko
Sophia Mischko 18 päeva tagasi
RoyaleEm !
RoyaleEm ! 19 päeva tagasi
OMG AZZY! you have changed so much since the last time i've watched you, last itme i watched you (LONGGG time ago) you only had 2M, im so proud of you gorl! hope you get ur voice back!
lea Nielsen
lea Nielsen 20 päeva tagasi
abselutely love that she is still going through the effort of making the video and editing even though she lost her vouce, but why did she lose it?
rosa hernandez
rosa hernandez 21 päev tagasi
YoungPrinceFresh 21 päev tagasi
How did she lose her voice
Paul Millen
Paul Millen 21 päev tagasi
36K likes (More by the time some of u see it) Azzy is one hundred percent getting her voice back. Maybe not today maybe tomorrow but all we know is that we all love her🥰
Devil Girl
Devil Girl 21 päev tagasi
Don’t worry azzy I liked and subscribed to your Chanel
Megyn Frye
Megyn Frye 21 päev tagasi
I love how she still makes vids even tho she's loosening her voice
Laserbeam 22 päeva tagasi
Suck suck
Allison Glenn
Allison Glenn 22 päeva tagasi
Love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. Azzy I love you
Clara Afton
Clara Afton 23 päeva tagasi
Why does azzy sound older than she is when she lost her voice.. (NO HATE)
Jen Witzel
Jen Witzel 23 päeva tagasi
We are the luckiest people on earth bc we have you Azzy
Rossana Corrado
Rossana Corrado 23 päeva tagasi
Perry Brown
Perry Brown 24 päeva tagasi
Azzy how did you lose your voise?
Elena Torres
Elena Torres 24 päeva tagasi
Thank you
Hailie Cars
Hailie Cars 24 päeva tagasi
Rest your voice I love you azzy
Mia Rowson
Mia Rowson 24 päeva tagasi
Take a break Azzy
Karl Fawaz
Karl Fawaz 24 päeva tagasi
lAsT !!!!
kitten fox llama llama
kitten fox llama llama 25 päeva tagasi
I clicked on your most recent video saw your voice and just kept going down to see when it started this is when you start losing your voice I'm pretty sure it start getting noticeably sorry to pointing it out it's just like a whoosh I've been gone for a while
Swift Kordyne
Swift Kordyne 25 päeva tagasi
Why does everyone say porsh it's pronounced poor-shuh
Anime Fun
Anime Fun 25 päeva tagasi
Are you sick
Gurleen Bains
Gurleen Bains 25 päeva tagasi
Alzzy drink hot water in night daily to keep your voice good , an advice from your biggest fan
The little Potato
The little Potato 25 päeva tagasi
I did too.. I lost my voice to
Chloe Leigh
Chloe Leigh 25 päeva tagasi
Your voice is still beautiful even though your losing it!!
Horse Lover xox
Horse Lover xox 26 päeva tagasi
I’m sorry you lost your voice hope it gets better
Hannah Vallejos
Hannah Vallejos 26 päeva tagasi
oh ok i thought i was watching someone elce also awww i
MomoMarethyuTheGhostgodSlayer 27 päeva tagasi
Aw azzy partied to hard at her beach house
FireRuby1 27 päeva tagasi
You don’t know why you have feared quicksand your whole life Azzy? *Maybe because you will sink so far you drown in sand and are unable to breathe because trillions of earthly particles are filling your mouth and eyes and lungs and it’s black and no one can hear you scream and you can’t escape cuz there’s no ledge to grab unto* 🙂
Mathilde Røhne
Mathilde Røhne 27 päeva tagasi
Can you make a video about you? Example: Are you and gordi still togheter? Make a house tour?
Faye Tackett
Faye Tackett 27 päeva tagasi
I know azzy you don’t have to film just make sure your ok!
Entesar Yeyeyey
Entesar Yeyeyey 27 päeva tagasi
To make u feel better is to eat honey and drink water and tea to
Karen Blissett
Karen Blissett 27 päeva tagasi
Your voice is bad you poor thing ♡♡♡ NO HATE J LOVE AZZY
Thomas Mcdonald
Thomas Mcdonald 28 päeva tagasi
Azzy hope u get better x
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 28 päeva tagasi
1:drink water 2: rest voice(No yelling and screaming)
KKBK 1 28 päeva tagasi
35k wanted you to get your voice back
Joanna Kelly
Joanna Kelly 28 päeva tagasi
Hi im you're biggest fan and you're voice is very different from I remember
Jen Shaw
Jen Shaw 28 päeva tagasi
;( Feel better soon
Amber Haas
Amber Haas 28 päeva tagasi
AZZY geus what your so pretty and kind to 🅣🅨 🅕🅞🅡 🅟🅞🅢🅣🅘🅝🅖 🅦🅗🅔🅝 🅤🅡 🅛🅞🅢🅘🅝🅖 🅤🅡 🅥🅞🅘🅒🅔 ❤
Alyssa Thiele
Alyssa Thiele 28 päeva tagasi
I was literally like her voice sounds so different thought it was extremely late puberty
amad 28 päeva tagasi
I ❤️ Azzyland
Kenny O'kafor
Kenny O'kafor 29 päeva tagasi
Is it me or does she sound like Billie Eilish
Shinobu Kocho
Shinobu Kocho 29 päeva tagasi
Is she in Mongolia?
Samara Fennell
Samara Fennell 29 päeva tagasi
Hope you get better Azzy!🥺
Paper pans
Paper pans 29 päeva tagasi
Let's hope azzy gets some of these peoples luck so she can get her voice back
Dean Forth
Dean Forth 29 päeva tagasi
Hope u are lucky and your voice comes back soon! Love ya. Keep up great work!
Brianna Herrera
Brianna Herrera 29 päeva tagasi
No it is not your voice is different
LailaZara 29 päeva tagasi
Hope u get better azzy xx
Twilight Envoy
Twilight Envoy 29 päeva tagasi
You're in a Mongolian house called "ger" you see I am Mongolian I know all the stuff except for Obama's last name ..........
Buna Berisha
Buna Berisha 29 päeva tagasi
girl are you sick
Ancientpaw 29 päeva tagasi
Wow ...i kinda like her voice its so cool ^^
Izy Wizy
Izy Wizy 29 päeva tagasi
Pls take a few days off so we can not cringe
Hi 29 päeva tagasi
Guys azzy needs her voice back so we should let her take a break like so she knows she can take a break cause azzy is my fave youtuber and I love how much she talks .
lia tx
lia tx Місяць tagasi
But what happen so you can loss your voice
dagny rainbow
dagny rainbow Місяць tagasi
I dont know if you like tea but if you do you should drink some to help with your voice
Brooke Walker
Brooke Walker Місяць tagasi
Azzy sounds like JoJo Siwa tho-
Eva's Lunar
Eva's Lunar Місяць tagasi
Ohh no axxy! Voice savedAzzyland!
Adorable Aqua Gamer
Adorable Aqua Gamer Місяць tagasi
Azzy without her voice sound like me irl
Adorable Aqua Gamer
Adorable Aqua Gamer Місяць tagasi
Lauren needs to go to bread land
Laia Alonzo
Laia Alonzo Місяць tagasi
Watch over the moon 🌝
Brooke Rose
Brooke Rose Місяць tagasi
Or she lost her voice
Brooke Rose
Brooke Rose Місяць tagasi
Or a voice over
Brooke Rose
Brooke Rose Місяць tagasi
Or she got vocal sergury but she is not
Brooke Rose
Brooke Rose Місяць tagasi
Yeah she is great I was wondering if it was audio and she didn’t know but she is legitimate sick and posting that is great not many people do that
Twins Vlog
Twins Vlog Місяць tagasi
Poor azzy
Ellie R
Ellie R Місяць tagasi
Guys let's help azzy get her voice back from ersiler
Liliana Ramirez
Liliana Ramirez Місяць tagasi
1:11 would literally be Laurens dream word lol (Laurenzside)
SpykeGaming Місяць tagasi
5:18 WHAT? That was so funny! 😂😂
S Doodoo
S Doodoo Місяць tagasi
how did you lose your voice?
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