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Azzyland - WEIRD HAIR TRANSFORMATIONS You Wont Believe ! I love a creative hairstyle or a really stylish hair cut. Some of these are really far out there tho. Let me know which was your favorite and if you want to see more hair transformations check out:
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AzzyLand Місяць tagasi
Wait are we using cooking pans to create hairstyles?! Because I’m in
Dangerousgrande 6 päeva tagasi
I love ur videos azzy!!!
Sarah Hanlin
Sarah Hanlin 8 päeva tagasi
Azzy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Hanlin
Sarah Hanlin 8 päeva tagasi
I Love you azzy
Maylerie Shelton
Maylerie Shelton 13 päeva tagasi
Help me 😭😭!!
Rosey Channel
Rosey Channel 18 päeva tagasi
No I want my hair to be a cooking pan
Sarah Hanlin
Sarah Hanlin 8 päeva tagasi
Sarah Hanlin
Sarah Hanlin 8 päeva tagasi
I cut my hair it was the worst B.C my mom had to fix it
Bebo Chohan
Bebo Chohan 8 päeva tagasi
the way she says DELICIOUS ........ just gets me
Audrey Davis
Audrey Davis 8 päeva tagasi
Azzy:I’m so glad it’s not a mullet My teacher: has a mullet
IKEA BREAD 9 päeva tagasi
The hair styles one the chicks were doing is called crochet. It’s a black people hair along with the dreads and I am not happy that she has it. Small amount of white people and other people who aren’t black or mixed keep doing these hair styles and sometimes claiming it as their own. And also box braids are a black hair style but it over and done with and if anyone comments on my video to say it’s not, well it’s literally cornrows.
Błűe Bęåŕy
Błűe Bęåŕy 9 päeva tagasi
I dare you (Azzy) to cut your hair to make it just above your shoulders. 😃 I think it would look nice 😌🖐
Sophia Lyon
Sophia Lyon 11 päeva tagasi
One day one I was 7 or 6 maybe I cut my hear and that how I got bangs
Not so slime queens 1
Not so slime queens 1 12 päeva tagasi
and it’s also very easy to cut your own fringe
Not so slime queens 1
Not so slime queens 1 12 päeva tagasi
A fringe is actually surprisingly easy to look after and I think you look great in French you should get one
skylight sky
skylight sky 13 päeva tagasi
i looked bald after i cut my own bangs
Eugenio Ceballos
Eugenio Ceballos 15 päeva tagasi
yes it was so good i cut bangs
Aubri Lee
Aubri Lee 15 päeva tagasi
Pauline Cairns
Pauline Cairns 15 päeva tagasi
If you watch anime I would recommend funimation! I downloaded it today and it's awesome so many different animes!
EvieMaeReads 16 päeva tagasi
Every month has 28 days in just have 2 or 3 days added after😏
Bass Melody
Bass Melody 18 päeva tagasi
Bass Melody
Bass Melody 18 päeva tagasi
Rosie Nicholson
Rosie Nicholson 21 päev tagasi
My grandma cuts my bangs .^. They are annoying but I don’t wanna get rid of my bangs uNu
Natalia Edmond
Natalia Edmond 23 päeva tagasi
Hi Azzy I love you sooo much you make my day a lot brighter especially in lockdown. When I was five, I cut my hair before my cousin's wedding (with nails scissors) as I was going to be a flower girl and would have fallen because my bangs were in my face, and I hid them but my mum found out and tried to fix the situation as she was a hairdresser once. PS: I hope your voice gets better.💖
Moynul Islam Suhag
Moynul Islam Suhag 22 päeva tagasi
This was made when her voice was ok and nothing was wrong....
Strawberry sweetheart Gaming
Strawberry sweetheart Gaming 24 päeva tagasi
I have bangs
Maggie_ plaÿż
Maggie_ plaÿż 24 päeva tagasi
I’ve always had bangs
Crystal Wong Plays
Crystal Wong Plays 25 päeva tagasi
once i cut my hair when i was 3 and its a nightmare teacher is sooooo mad
WaterWolf Gaming
WaterWolf Gaming 26 päeva tagasi
Me from the future if you new to azzys channel this is her before voice she is very sock and lost her voice but still records she's a legend don't judge her
wendy schutze
wendy schutze 27 päeva tagasi
I have three Asian/Australian nephews. It is tradition to shave their heads when they are two or three as their is a belief that their hair will grow back thicker and stronger. They have great hair!
wendy schutze
wendy schutze 27 päeva tagasi
Most of these seem to be Asian hair cuts. Braver than me!
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 29 päeva tagasi
Kacey Bremer
Kacey Bremer 29 päeva tagasi
My friends mom when we lived in a different state her mom give me bangs
Alexis Briand
Alexis Briand 29 päeva tagasi
5:40 is how u donate hair for wigs
cici show
cici show Місяць tagasi
3:26 Hairstylist when you say you just want a trim
Ali Wegerer
Ali Wegerer Місяць tagasi
Azzy: Nobody needs a mulet! Me: 2 of my cousins have mullets!!!
Kristen Schwahn
Kristen Schwahn Місяць tagasi
We use apology for learning in school but since my classmates love it so much it’s only a reward
Kristen Schwahn
Kristen Schwahn Місяць tagasi
Let’s admire that she knows what prodigy is
Miata freinds
Miata freinds Місяць tagasi
Her : glad that. mullets aren't coming back Aussie's 👁👄👁 ME : WHY AZZY
Simran Punj
Simran Punj Місяць tagasi
Azzy you are sooo cute,beautiful, sweet and you are such a charm and I am one of your fans and im subbed and I liked!
Ava Harrison
Ava Harrison Місяць tagasi
business in the front and party in the back I love it I watch RuPaul too
Melodi Martinez
Melodi Martinez Місяць tagasi
Not to be rude azzy but my baby brother has a mullet and that kind of hurt me and he looks cute with it
Vanillaxswirl Місяць tagasi
Her voice changed a lot
June Williamson
June Williamson Місяць tagasi
This is crazy
finley river kennels Fan page
finley river kennels Fan page Місяць tagasi
Is this made for blind people?
Ariff Muhammed
Ariff Muhammed Місяць tagasi
hi azzy i love all your videos
finley river kennels Fan page
finley river kennels Fan page 22 päeva tagasi
@Moynul Islam Suhag ooo good one
Moynul Islam Suhag
Moynul Islam Suhag 22 päeva tagasi
@finley river kennels Fan page cause she can
finley river kennels Fan page
finley river kennels Fan page Місяць tagasi
How can you like this?
Roscoe Місяць tagasi
Whoever is reading this I pray you get one of these haircuts for our amusement
Killa Qween
Killa Qween Місяць tagasi
STOP right here RN! Its an emergency! PAUSE AT 5:34 thx :D!!
Edy Alvarez
Edy Alvarez Місяць tagasi
1:50 it takes his dead ends
albert kint
albert kint Місяць tagasi
Harriet Brown
Harriet Brown Місяць tagasi
My sister cut her own bangs when she was three and it looked like a professional did it. XD
Cassidy R
Cassidy R Місяць tagasi
Hi Azzy you prob won’t see this but I have been watching your videos for a while now and I have realized you are always doubting yourself and stuff like that. I just want to say love yourself and never think you aren’t good enough or you can’t do something. You can do anything if you try. I love u so much❤️💕.
Im_Annabelle Місяць tagasi
0:20 oh no that looks HORRIBLE
Beauty_ Angel450
Beauty_ Angel450 Місяць tagasi
Hey Azzyland i like all of your and gloom vids I've watched literally everyone of your and gloom vids im a huge fan of both of you can you gibe me some advice of uploading games video's so can you tell me which game should i post on
Janet kona
Janet kona Місяць tagasi
No one can do dreadlocks they take hours and she’s a hairdresser she works at home and it takes six hours or 8 to do hair She can even make a money sign hairstyle
Janet kona
Janet kona Місяць tagasi
My mum can do dreadlocks she’s a hairdresser and she does people here at home because sometimes takes six hours of eight hours to do have people or herself she can even do your money sign on your hair on your head with your hair
Lemon of terror -o-
Lemon of terror -o- Місяць tagasi
llamacornqueen London
llamacornqueen London Місяць tagasi
i cut my own hair and it looked great
gacha life
gacha life Місяць tagasi
Azzy are you happy its almost spring
Andi Selmani
Andi Selmani Місяць tagasi
You now azzy that wen your hair is on fire is good for your hair and is the best haircut that anyone can give you
Corrina Kopf Daily Dose
Corrina Kopf Daily Dose Місяць tagasi
Hope everyone who sees this is having a great day and then subscribe to my channel 😍
Tradina Bethel
Tradina Bethel Місяць tagasi
Burning hair? wow wow wow wow i wouldn't survive that
Jenna Thomas
Jenna Thomas Місяць tagasi
Hello I am from future where is azzy she hasn’t posted in a week. I hope she ok
Jenna Thomas
Jenna Thomas Місяць tagasi
@Sanita Miķelsone she posted now we fine
Sanita Miķelsone
Sanita Miķelsone Місяць tagasi
Yea i think why😔
Avery Squicciarino
Avery Squicciarino Місяць tagasi
When azzy was struggling explaining about the hairstyle I was thinking: He got a tattoo and then shaved his head and left a lil part of hair for the guy Ojibwa the tattoo so he left some hair for the tattoo to have hair
Totes Cray Cray
Totes Cray Cray Місяць tagasi
Piece of advice from me: NEVER GET/CUT BANGS
Maria Teresa Neira
Maria Teresa Neira Місяць tagasi
Azzy you should make more music
Moynul Islam Suhag
Moynul Islam Suhag 22 päeva tagasi
@Maria Teresa Neira making music is harder then you think and azzy lost her voice soo no
Maria Teresa Neira
Maria Teresa Neira Місяць tagasi
Mamma Bear yes yessssss more god yes
finley river kennels Fan page
finley river kennels Fan page Місяць tagasi
No noooooo no more god no
Qixy Місяць tagasi
azzy: honestly im glad the mullet isnt comeing back me: azzy meet my brother
Ivel Manhu
Ivel Manhu Місяць tagasi
React gyeran jjim
Dan Rooney
Dan Rooney Місяць tagasi
Azzi because you broke up with Georgie😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
handmaidmd Місяць tagasi
Umm...the mullet is back. Lol! Is that a tattoo or his hair? The guy was being very careful around it. I think that’s the same kid each time.
Gilberta Prifti
Gilberta Prifti Місяць tagasi
I love your video you are the best
SSD4eva’s Adventures
SSD4eva’s Adventures Місяць tagasi
WHAT HAPPENED AZZY are u ok you haven't made a video in so long I hope you're ok
Giraffe_playz UwU
Giraffe_playz UwU Місяць tagasi
lol that c Lol this hair styles are cool and amazing
mary Clarke-Sullivan
mary Clarke-Sullivan Місяць tagasi
I live you azzy me and my friends love u
Elisabeth Lundsør
Elisabeth Lundsør Місяць tagasi
You make so happy bc you allveis are so happy
Stacy :3
Stacy :3 Місяць tagasi
cut ur hair
Emma Smith
Emma Smith Місяць tagasi
Sunset_ Playz123
Sunset_ Playz123 Місяць tagasi
The 3rd one.. I LOVE MINI BIRDS 🥺🥺🥺🐦🐤🦉🦚🦜🐥 Me: **sees Brianna blonde hair minecraft haircut..** :0 BRIANNA_PLAYZ!!!!
River 005
River 005 Місяць tagasi
what kind of baby actually watches these kind of videos
Moynul Islam Suhag
Moynul Islam Suhag 22 päeva tagasi
Game all Day
Game all Day Місяць tagasi
Guys azzy has not posted in a week is she ok?
Moynul Islam Suhag
Moynul Islam Suhag 22 päeva tagasi
So is azzy having a break for a week illegal now
Ayaan M
Ayaan M Місяць tagasi
Azzy I haven’t watched you in few years and you changed so much🤩🤩
••Aqua Gacha••
••Aqua Gacha•• Місяць tagasi
Hey Azzy can u make a gaming channel and play Roblox on it?
Moon Lad
Moon Lad Місяць tagasi
Cher Tookey
Cher Tookey Місяць tagasi
I cut my own hair when I was a baby and it was only my fringe but my mum cried and I was really confused I didn’t know what was happening
Marsha Wright
Marsha Wright Місяць tagasi
Are you stell dating kebullcop
Raiya Gymnast
Raiya Gymnast Місяць tagasi
Plz make merch!!! 🖤🤍
Nature Squad
Nature Squad Місяць tagasi
It's been one week *one week to long without azzy*
•Tea._.Sloth• Місяць tagasi
did azzy and find these in tiktok
Malique Lochrie
Malique Lochrie Місяць tagasi
Raven S
Raven S Місяць tagasi
I cut my hair earlier this year, and it's somehow one of my favorite haircuts lol
All Around Gaming
All Around Gaming Місяць tagasi
The shaving in the back kind of at the bottom is when you put your hair up it does not Hurt
Scarlett Swaim
Scarlett Swaim Місяць tagasi
so cool []
Wolfie Gachaシ
Wolfie Gachaシ Місяць tagasi
How convenient that this was recommended when I got a hair trim today
-Rocky Gurl-
-Rocky Gurl- Місяць tagasi
𝑯𝒆𝒚 𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒚 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒃 𝒘𝒐𝒏𝒕 𝒔𝒆𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒔𝒐 𝒂𝒎𝒛𝒊𝒏𝒈
Haseki Hurrem Sultan
Haseki Hurrem Sultan Місяць tagasi
I love you soooo much
Haseki Hurrem Sultan
Haseki Hurrem Sultan Місяць tagasi
Is azzy ok
ZACH RAY Місяць tagasi
Hair bone
JasminsWorld X
JasminsWorld X Місяць tagasi
R.I.P Azara Bijarma fly high x
Apna Swaag
Apna Swaag Місяць tagasi
These barbers is so creative and dumb 😂🌚
River Glenn
River Glenn Місяць tagasi
Hi I love your video’s
gaming lol plays
gaming lol plays Місяць tagasi
When you make more videos
Amelia T
Amelia T Місяць tagasi
Hello azzy
Slime Mind
Slime Mind Місяць tagasi
Hi Azzie I’m going through some tough stuff but when I watch you you make me feel so much better
Braxtyn Harloff
Braxtyn Harloff Місяць tagasi
I thank your vidos are majik i am 8
will smarz
will smarz Місяць tagasi
Look at scps
Vjollca Toma
Vjollca Toma Місяць tagasi
can you react to blackpink to the k pop group
Gemma gamor Fallon
Gemma gamor Fallon Місяць tagasi
I cut my hair and made a freng😜👌💜💗💛
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